Erin Barry, Brent Barry Divorce: It has been finalized in Bexar County, Texas per TMZ

  The San Antonio Express reports that locals Erin and Brent Barry have finalized their divorce. Quoting TMZ, the Express opines that the couple will share custody of their two children and that Erin will get a modest sum of $4,000 per month in child support till 2013 when she is anticipated to complete law school. Which is more surprising? The modest child support? Or the fact that Erin is in law school? Wonder which law school the former Ms. Barry is attending? Is it in Texas? More from the San Antonio Express:
The divorce of former Spur Brent Barry and his former wife, Erin, was finalized in Bexar County Court earlier this month, according to

TMZ reports that the Barry’s marriage legally came to an end on January 5.
According to the documents, Brent and Erin will share joint custody of their two children. As for holidays and other important annual events, the couple will alternate custody every year.
The legal documents also show the Barry’s signed a prenuptial agreement before they were married — which will determine how they will divide their property. The terms of the prenup are confidential.
Erin Barry also has been awarded child support through 2013 for $4,000 a month — but she has agreed to stop taking the payments three years after she graduates from law school. Her expectations then are that she can provide for herself.