Getting divorced in New York or New Jersey? You are advised to get mediation

Wed Jan 12, 1:15 pm ET Press release (via Yahoo News)

New York and New Jersey couples who are considering divorce in 2011 are advised to utilize the services of a divorce mediator for a more cost-effective and mutually beneficial divorce process. The New Jersey and New York City divorce mediation specialists of The Alexander Group help couples in crisis chart a smoother, easier course through their divorce.
Califon, NJ (PRWEB) January 12, 2011
For New Jersey and New York couples planning on pursuing a divorce in 2011, divorce mediation is often the best solution. Working with a New Jersey and New York City divorce mediation specialist like Rachel Alexander Williams, Esq. of The Alexander Group results in a more cost-effective, non-acrimonious and generally less stressful divorce process.
“Divorce mediation is a better, more solution oriented alternative to the traditional, adversarial divorce,” says Williams, who has been helping couples with their divorce mediation in New York City, Scarsdale, Livingston, Bedminster and other nearby areas in New York and New Jersey since 2008. “With divorce mediation, couples can address and work through issues in a neutral, safe environment. The result is a better resolution for both parties and for the parties’ children. Divorce is traumatic and stressful enough as it is – going through an adversarial process increases conflict and heightens crisis. It also closes down avenues of communication and creative problem solving which are fostered in mediation. With divorce mediation, avenues remain open, allowing both parties to resolve their issues peacefully and soberly.”
In recent decades, divorce mediation has become a more appealing way to approach divorce in the United States since it is often less costly, less stressful, and more effective. Couples wanting the advantages of divorce mediation in Scarsdale, New York City, Livingston, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Randolph and Long Valley would do well to get in touch with Williams and The Alexander Group. “I am dedicated to mediation as the most effective way to help resolve conflict and create futures of integrity,” says Williams, “and I consider it my pleasure and privilege to work with couples during this important and demanding time.”
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