New Jersey lawyer Kenneth M. Denti to be disbarred for sleeping with his "divorce" client

A New Jersey lawyer faces disbarrment for sleeping with the enemy a divorce client

Are there lawyers out there who are unaware of the rule against sleeping with divorce clients? Seems so. Just got wind of the fact that a prominent attorney in New Jersey, Kenneth Denti, is facing disbarrment for not only faking his time sheets, but also for boinking one of his divorce clients. Divorce attorneys beware: sleeping with the enemy your divorce clients can land your behind in jail get your behind disbarred. DON’T DO IT. For the record, both the Kenneth Denti and the client deny the allegations. But apparently, his former firm has email proof. And that’s another thing. If you are going to sleep with the client? Don’t send emails and text messages and stuff like that. It’s suicidal. Read more about this story at the Wall Street Journal:

Uh oh, another episode of Lawyer Behaving Badly to get you caught up on, LBers.

A New Jersey disciplinary board has recommended a lawyer be disbarred after he was accused of producing false time sheets, billing dates as potential client meetings and engaging in a sexual relationship with a divorce client.
Kenneth M. Denti allegedly filed false time sheets while employed at Fox Rothschild at its Princeton, N.J., office, and later at Margolis Edelstein, according to an opinion issued Tuesday by the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Review Board. Both firms separately reported him to the review board. You can read the opinion here and a post by ABA Journal here.
“Because respondent engaged in a premeditated, continuous and extensive fraudulent scheme, thereby displaying a deficiency of character, we recommend his disbarment,” the board found.

In addition to the time sheets, Denti allegedly billed meals with women he was dating to Margolis Edelstein and allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with a divorce client, which he and the client denied, according to the opinion.

That’s one “O” that’s just not worth it, guys. Don’t go near that. Unless you don’t care if you get disbarred, which, the way things are for a lot of divorce lawyers, you might as well go get yourself an MBA, eh?