What makes Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage so divorce-proof?

The Unbreakable bond of Bill and Hillary Clinton: Why their marriage is so divorce-proof

There are two couples in the world whose marriages I would swear for. They are 1) my parents and 2) Bill and Hillary Clinton. I hope to god I didn’t just jinx either of them. Let’s put aside why I think my parents’ marriage will last forever because that is a really, really, complicated question and answer session that I just don’t want to get into. Much more fun and interesting is to speculate about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage.

The best political marriage ever?

Why does that thing work? Why is it so shatter-proof? How come they will never divorce? Well, one reason I think it is shatterproof is because they are such good friends. They married young (like me mom and dad), met in law school and remained friends ever since. This is a big time plus in a marriage. This notion of being friends with your spouse, or knowing each other so well, of going “way back” to put it colloquially. That is one huge thing the Clintons have going for them. They are clearly friends. And when everything else wanes, including sex, there is good old FRIEND sitting on the rocking chair, waiting to have a good laugh about all the calamities you’ve put each other through, or gone through, through no fault of your own.
The other reason I think the Clinton marriage is so damn strong, so damn divorce-proof, is that they have similar ambitions and interests. They have similar goals and want similar things out of life. It is no coincidence that in the autumn of their years, there the two of them are, globetrotting the world, trying to make a difference, trying to run the world, trying to fix all that ails it. Bill with his Clinton Global Initiative, Hillary with her jet-setting sophisticated turn as the Secretary of State of the United States in America.
I swear when they meet up in foreign capitals on their own private jets, and make a lunch date, in say, Abu Dhabi or, Jerusalem, or Moscow or wherever it is they meet up, they must look across the table at each other, and giggle at the hilarity of the perfection of how they pulled off their mutual ambitions, so cool, so easy.
Not that it was easy. But that is another thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their marriage has been tested, oh Lord, has it ever. But they have demonstrated the ability to hold fast and not let go. The unbreakable bond was not handed to them. They grew it. They weathered it. They saw it to maturation. And now, it’s like a 1000 year old tree. It ain’t going anywhere.
Why else does this marriage work? Well, they have mutual enemies, I would think. And they would rather die than see their enemies have the last laugh.
I think, at the end of the day, it’s like what Tara Parker Pope said in one of her New York Times articles: couples who expand each other have a better marriage. And the Clintons expand each other, rather than constrict each other.
What else? Well, I don’t see Bill Clinton as a big time laugher, necessarily. But Hillary cackles (almost as much as I do). That may have even cost her the presidency. She cracks herself up, and Bill probably cracks her up completely all the time. And she, him. Laughter is mighty important  in a successful marriage, I would think. Not only do successfully married couples have to be able to laugh at the ridiculous circumstance called life, they have to be able to laugh at themselves. But they must never laugh at each other. No, no. That is tantamount to ridicule and disrespect and will end in divorce before you know what hits you. I think the Clintons understand this very well.
Oh, and having a fine daughter such as Chelsea Clinton doesn’t hurt. They made one little baby together and look how it turned out? So they share mutual pride with that.
I could go on.  But I won’t. Because I think I’ve made my point. Also, it’s time to log off Divorce Saloon for today. I spend about 3 hours blogging when I have a million other things to do. But lately, I’ve not had a lot of blogging time so I was hungry to say so much and so there you have it. I opened up my soul for 3 hours non-stop. So this is it for today, till I come back.
But don’t you agree? That the Clinton marriage is divorce-proof for the above mentioned reason? Of course, if you have an opinion on this assertion, either pro or con, I would love to hear it.