FRANCE: Divorced mother of two, Marine Le Pen, to head party her "anti-semite" father started

If you had any doubts that you can achieve “great” things after divorce, listen to this story out of France, brought to you by the Associated Press:
Associated Press reports that Marine Le Pen is slated to replace her father as head of the “far right” “outsider” party in France:

A divorced mother of three, Marine Le Pen is widely seen as the kinder, gentler face of a party known for its extreme stances. In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, she said she wanted the party to widen its focus – and reputation – to beyond issues of immigration and security.
“I refuse to accept as inevitable the fact that we have been demonized … that we have to continue to be insulted, consigned to the edge of political life and excluded from the democratic field,” she said.
Marine Le Pen’s attempts to widen the base have sowed discord within the party, which has had financial troubles after a poor showing in the 2007 presidential race. Some members want the party to keep its outsider status.