SUDAN: Sudan's referendum votes suggest divorce is imminent but will the South suffer?

Sudanese youngsters put on a happy face

Sudan poised for a nuclear split: Will this divorce be bad for the “illiterate” South?

Southern Sudanese seem unable to wait to divorce themselves from their Northern countrymen. The referendum on the split seems to be swaying in favor of a definite divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences. But  those in the know seem concerned that the South will get the shaft with this, since the population is largely illiterate, poor and lacks the wherewithal to provide themselves with basics such as good food, clean water, and infrastructure. Why then, would these folks  want to divorce themselves from the North – the much richer, oil rich region of the country? Well, for one thing, I suspect they would rather have self-determination, even if they are poor, rather than be at the mercy of the Northerners who historically haven’t exactly bent over backwards to spread the wealth. Plus, with a divorce, the South will be sure to get a ton of foreign aid from the U.S., the UN, Israel and China more than likely. The IMF will definitely lend them money, for sure.  They will get help constituting their government, drafting a constitution, building infrastructure, creating jobs, building  schools, teaching the new generation of South Sudanese. There will be a ton of jobs  for day laborers to help construct the country, for sure. And an economy that can only get stronger since foreign multinational corporations will begin to invest in the country after the divorce.
What  have they got to lose by busting up this marriage and getting a unilateral, no fault divorce? Nada.
Hey, wonder if they will get a name change? Will it be South Sudan? Or something like GoogleLand?