HAITI: Did "Baby Doc" Duvalier's 1990s divorce and frozen Swiss account influence "mysterious" return to Haiti?

Why did Baby doc return to Haiti? Was it his 1990s divorce? Was it the frozen Swiss Bank Accounts?

Since Jean Claude DuvalierBaby Doc’“s return to Haiti last week, the entire world has been scratching its collective head. What the….is the sentiment for many people, including, ostensibly, the French Government who had no idea that the exiled former ruler of Haiti was planning to make an impromptu trip home to the beleaguered island-nation.

But Duvalier has returned home. And opened himself up to a lot of human rights and criminal charges and could wind up spending the rest of his life in prison. Has he lost his mind? And if so, is it the divorce? Or is the the Swiss bank accounts? Here’s a part of the story, per the Associated Press:

Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier started out his French exile living large on the Riviera: He drove a Ferrari, went on couture shopping sprees and lived in a gated villa protected by guards with assault rifles.
Then came an expensive divorce, a succession of modest apartments and a low-profile existence. It’s been 25 years since Haiti’s former “dictator for life” fled to France in 1986, and the French largely forgot he was here.
Duvalier’s mysterious reappearance this weekend in Haiti, where he is blamed for sowing terror and looting the treasury, was a new nightmare for a country dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake, a cholera outbreak and a disputed presidential election.

Money doth makes them mad, they say. It’s about the money. Either the money he lost when he divorced his ex wife Michelle; or the money he’s losing by the Swiss government’s insistence on keeping his bank accounts frozen. Either way, he took a big risk and it may not have paid off in the end. He’s all but toast. He should have stayed his sorry butt in France. IMHO.