UK: Bookies bet on Royal Divorce between Prince William and Kate Middleton

When will Prince William and Kate Middleton marry divorce?

How completely callous and inappropriate it is for Britons to bet on a divorce between Prince William and Kate Middleton even before the poor little things have tied the knot at Westminister Abbey! The wedding is scheduled for April 29, 2011, but according to sources, Britons are already placing cash punts on the divorce. Here’s the on the story:

Britons Bet on Royal Divorce

Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t tie the knot until April 29, but trigger-happy Britons are already placing bets on every detail of the marriage—including when it will end.  “Will she walk into Westminster Abbey right on time, be three minutes late, or make guests wait 11 minutes for a glimpse? How long will the train of her dress be? Gamblers are invited to place bets on all the above.” In fact, the only thing bookies won’t take bets on is whether a terrorist attack will ruin the big day. While royal-based betting isn’t as popular as reality-TV betting, it has drawn a steady crowd. Before the engagement was made official, bookie Ladbrokes made $48,000 taking bets on when the ceremony would take place, and an additional $24,000 on where it would be held. “There’s a real tradition of betting on what the royals will do next,” said Darren Haines, a spokesman for bookmaker Paddy Power. “The U.K. has a strange fascination with the royals.”

Is it me? Or is it the height of vulgarity?