Celeb divorce news recap 1/22/11 plus Gabriel Aubry's paternity suit

Celeb divorce news highlights for the week of 1/22/11
So what is new in the world of celebrity divorces this week? A quick browse of TMZ reveals that not much is going on. Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer continue to spar over their quickie divorce. Kelsey is pretty much throwing a hissy fit at this point to the judge: I want a divorce right now! But Camille is being this passive aggressive beyatch who is holding things up for her own entertainment. She loves watching Kelsey squirm and she’s making demands for more money….
Meanwhile, Jesse James, the cheating ex husband of Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock, has gotten engaged mere months after he and Sandra divorced, to Kat Von D. Now, forgive me but I don’t remember is Kat Von D is the one he cheated on Sandra with. But I can tell you that she has a lot of tattoos.

Halle Berry

Finally, according to TMZ, Gabriel Aubry has filed a paternity suit to have Halle Berry’s 2 year old daughter Nahla Aubry declared his legal and biological child. This is very interesting. It’ s not a contentious situation or anything but one has to wonder why he felt compelled to make a move like this….he is the biological father, right? Or was Halle’s pregnancy done by in vitro? And if it was an invitro pregnancy, was he the sperm donor? Or is there some uncertainty about that? It’s almost as if he is afraid that Halle could one day decide to declare him not the father, given that, perhaps, his sperm was not used to produce baby Nahla. Because, think about it: he’s held himself out as Nahla’s dad since her birth; his name is on her birth certificate; she has his last name. Of course she’s his daughter! There was no need to make a move like this unless there is a chance that he is not the biological father and that both he and Halle are cognizant of this, and that he’s afraid that Halle could turn on him one day and declare that he is not the child’s biological father. He need not worry. The doctrine of equitable paternity would protect him from any ex post facto move like that by Halle. Still, I guess he feels he can’t be too careful. And you can’t exactly blame him because he may be privy to facts that the public is not.
Well, that’s it for this week’s celeb divorce news. See you next time!