ITALY: Divorce declaration of Pope Benedict XVI: Quickie divorces and impulsive marriages not ok!

Divorce declaration of Pope Benedict: Pope Benedict warns against quickie divorces and impulsive marriages

According to the Herald Sun, Pope Benedict met with the Roman Rata, the group at the Vatican that dispenses ANNULMENTS earlier this week. And the Pope was not exactly thrilled about the number of quickie divorces that proliferate in and outside the Catholic Church. He also took issue with the quickie/impulsive marriages that proliferate as well. According to the Sun, the Pope said the following at the meeting:

Pope Benedict

“A serious consideration of the matter [decision to marry] could avoid (merely) emotional impulses or superficial reasons which can drive to young people to take on a responsibility which they don’t know how to honour,” he warned, as he hosted members of the Vatican’s marital affairs court at the start of the judicial year.

The view of the Holy See seems to be that the reason people need quickie divorces is that they made impulsive decisions to get married in the first place. The Pope denounced the courts that dispense of these marriages just because folks come in seeking one. Again, the Sun:

The Pope stressed his wish to break “the vicious circle between quasi-automatic admission to marriage, without adequate preparation and serious examination … and equally easy judicial declarations” which end marriages just because there is a problem between the couple.
“The right to contract a marriage presupposes that one has the intention to properly celebrate it, through its essential truth and church teaching,” the Pope added.
A church wedding is not something to be carried out by priests as a mere formality without regard to the “real nature of the union,” he added.
“Marriage and family are institutions which must be promoted and defended” to avoid damaging “human cohabitation.”

Hmmmmm. I wonder what the court would say about folks who get married for a Green Card? Or, for that matter, how celebrities influence and promote the quickie divorce/impulsive marriage culture around the world?