On divorcing the transnational criminal: How do you find the money???

How do you find the money when you’re divorcing the “transnational criminal?”


divorcing the transnational criminal
Did you marry and are trying to divorce an international Tycoon?

(# divorcing the transnational criminal)
Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but typically, when you’re divorcing the transnational criminal who is hiding money? You can pretty much kiss any chance of getting any of it goodbye. But that might be a good thing. Because at some point, believe me, the criminal will trip up and get caught by the authorities. If not for the money laundering, drug dealing, financial fraud or racketeering (or whatever!) the government of some country (usually the U.S) will surely put the IRS on their tail and they will get them on tax evasion or some RICO charge. (# divorcing the transnational criminal)
That will mean that all that money the made while you were together living the high life in Monaco, Paris, St. Barts, London and Botswana? It’s all going to be confiscated. Because the wealth was counterfeit, girlfriend. It’s counterfeit. And even if you were already divorced at the time that your bad boy ex gets caught? And you had already gotten your financial settlement? Guess what? Under some circumstances the Feds can still come after you and take back your stuff – the jewelry, real estate, airplanes and Gucci handbags. (# divorcing the transnational criminal)
So you know what? If you are married to a transnational criminal who is a member of one of those cross-border crime syndicates (or maybe he just works on Wall Street) and he’s hiding money in multiple accounts all over the world including New York, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and Switzerland, just let him be. Don ‘t fret. Don’t bother paying your attorney to find asset locators to locate the money so you can get a piece of the action. It’s a waste of your time, energy and money.
Instead, take a deep breath and just cut your losses and move on, even if you have to go find a job and you  haven’t worked in decades. At least you will have your dignity. And you lived with integrity. And all he has to show for his troubles at the end of the day is decades in a federal penitentiary’s or some international hell hole, in Nuremberg or wherever the heck it is they throw low lifes who would hide money from their unsuspecting (hahahaha! Well, at least you can pretend to be unsuspecting) wives in the first place.
Wonder whatever happened to Raj Rajaratnam? Is his wife Asha Pabla going to divorce him? Not that I’m saying he’s a transnational criminal. I’m not. He’s pleaded not guilty and this thing is going to trial. But if he’s found guilty, then he could be considered a transnational criminal since his business was global. Wonder what will happen to that marriage if they are convicted? Wonder if he’s ever hidden assets? (# divorcing the transnational criminal)
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