CALIFORNIA: The $6 million dollar divorce: Charles Brandes v. Linda Brandes

Charles Brandes v. Linda Brandes: A divorce for the books
Just saw this story in the Wall Street Journal although I am too lazy and tired to go into it in depth (can you believe what’s happened to me? Used to be I would blog for 12 hours straight, now I can barely blog once per week!) But anyways, this story in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye because it involved millionaires. Or is it billionaires? Dunno. What I do know is that their names are Charles Brandes and Linda Brandes and they divorced in 2005 and she got a few million settlement, including a bunch of multi-million dollar properties; but she’s come back to sue the lad for $46 million (a share in his “S” corp). Girrrrrl, to tell you the truth, I have to run to the gym and I could care less about the details of this story 🙂 Sorry. Too tired. Up really late and had a ton of stuff to do and just don’t have it in me to go through this story even though it looks like there’s some juice in there. But you can check it out for yourself here: and if you feel like it, come back and tell me what you think. That’s it. I’m gonna lift my enormous thighs and posterior onto a threadmill and try to do something about this “situation” that has gotten way out of control. This is a situation right here.
My sister is going to chew me out for putting this post on the board. She chastises me for being “unprofessional and personal” and tells me I need to hire someone else to write the blog. I think she’s right. Because sometimes, I’m way too reckless. Like right now. I’m too tired to care. So, I’m gonna jump off. And you can go to the WSJ for professional coverage on this story.
Oh, btw, how are you doing? I hope fine. 🙂