Celeb divorce news recap: 1/30/11:Camille & Kelsey Grammer, Barry Kielstein-Cord, Troy Aikman, Dodger Divorce

Celeb divorce news for week ending 1/30/11
It seems like it was another quiet week for celebs and celeb divorce news. This has been an almost anomalous January, in that, hardly any high profile divorces dropped – unlike last December when almost everybody in Tinsel Town filed for divorce. Interesting….but just to recap (I no longer have the wherewithal to keep up with daily play by play of Hollywood divorces, so I’ve decided to do a once per week recap) here are the tidbits for this week:
1. Camille Grammer and her soon to be ex Kelsey Grammer continue to dominate celeb divorce newsheadlines. According to TMZ Camille’s attorney was successful in slowing down Kelsey’s move to speed up the divorce. The court has not granted his quickie divorce motion. Camille seems to want, among other things, assurances that she won’t lose out to new wife Kayte with regard to Kelsey’s lucrative pension. After 12 years of marriage, one can’t blame her. Apparently though, she’s asking Kelsey to post a $10 million bond to protect her interest in his pension. According to TMZ, that is. Which is interesting. Whatever happened to just drafting up a QDRO? Well, presumably Kelsey could still go back after the QDRO and fleece the pension funds. And then what? If he dies or something? Camille will be screwed. She is smart to get a bond. She needs that bond. Why risk later on going back to court to get judgments against Kelsey and his new wives, winning, but then finding that it can’t be enforced because there are no assets. On second thought, this move may be a smart one….she also will get social security. I assume Kelsey paid into social security and they were married more than 10 years. So she gets that too.
For you sports fans, the Dodger divorce made news this week because the case was put over for a year so that the two sides can prepare to litigate the question: exactly what percent of the Dodgers belongs to Jamie. So, contrary to what we may have said on this case, the court never said exactly how much of the team Jamie McCourt and Frank McCourt owns. The court simply said the prenup is not enforceable. So now they will litigate the exact percentages that are owned by each respective party. Which is kinda strange. If the prenup is not enforceable and they are in a community property state, aka California, why don’t they own the team 50/50? Something to think about. 
Meanwhile, a former Dallas Cowboy (I think he’s former although I don’t really know as I’ve never heard of him till today), this guy named Troy Aikman has apparently announced that he and his wife of ten years, Rhonda, are separating.
Finally, according to the NY Post, jewelry designer Barry-Kieselstein-Cord‘s divorce from wife Karen Cord, is getting messy. The former Mrs. Cord has gone back to court to get a court order enforced so that she can avoid eviction from her Fifth Avenue $5,400 per month penthouse. Barry apparently sold an apartment a couple of years back for $23 million but he claims he is broke and can only pay Karen $2,000 per month. At the same time, according to the Post, he just took a holiday with a new girlfriend, to Europe, and it seems he spent, allegedly, upwards of $65,000.
Stay tuned for more celeb divorce news as they come in.