NEW YORK: Will Rep. Christopher Lee's wife divorce him for the Craigslist nudey shot?

Does Christopher Lee’s Craigslist pics mean divorce for his wife?
Rep. Christopher Lee of Western New York has one of the best upper bodies in the GOP if not all of Congress. And I say this with all due respect to the Congressman. Homeboy, a GOP neo conservative who voted along party lines for all things family values, photographed himself half naked in front of a mirror and proceeded to send the pictures to a woman who works for the government and who had advertised on Craigslist as a “woman seeking a man.”

Christopher Lee's family values & Craigslist photos soundbites makes list

Claiming to be divorced, Rep Lee then tried to get a date with the woman, according to press reports. But she turned around and sent his picture to Gawker who busted the Congressman, forcing him to resign from Congress.
Clearly, Christopher Lee, poor young man temporarily went insane and he did something he wouldn’t normally have done under normal circumstances if his brain had been working correctly. (OMG He’s so hot!) Now, the question is, not just about the fact that his career is over, but also his marriage. How will his wife respond to this knowing her husband was on Craigslist representing himself to women as “divorced” and trying to pick up chicks with chest-baring photographs, the subject of which should have been for her eyes only — albeit some very, very attractive depictions of a well-muscled chest that obviously takes a lot of focused work in a gymnasium. That’s a really nice chest he has. And nice arms too. Really, really nice.
Wonder if that is why he did it? He obviously knew that if that got out, that he would lose his job. Was he hoping he’d lose his job? And that the scandal caused would make him notorious sort of in the manner of Kim Kardashian? Look what having a nice body did for Kim Kardashian. Could Christopher Lee secretly wish that he will morph into the male Kim Kardashian? Because he has a very attractive body. Not that I’m lusting or anything, but for a politician, he looks awfully fit and, well, sexy. He’s a sexy guy! Ooooh.
I can see him in TV commercials doing spots for male colognes, after-shave and soaps. I can totally see it. I think this was a calculated move to bring notoriety which he plans to leverage. That’s how you get famous these days. You get a platform, do something untoward and then leverage it into a billion dollar brand. Nobody likes goody-two shoes boring people anymore. We are a culture that rewards those who break the rules and act with a healthy dose of depravity.
That said, I have to say, nobody who looks this good with a job like his could be so obtuse as to post these pictures on Craigslist unless there was an ulterior motive –at the root of which is moolah.
And that would mean that his wife more than likely won’t divorce him. Because if he starts to make money on this thing, she stands to benefit. At the bare minimum, she’ll just do what Silda Wall Spitzer did when her husband Eliot Spitzer did that thing with the high priced call girls. She just looked the other way and continued to stand by her man. Guess that’s what a woman does when she knows her man is hotz! No, seriously. That;s a really nice chest. Yum. Oh, wait. Sorry. I shouldn’t even be looking  at him, under the circumstances.
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