WASHINGTON: Scot and Carrie Dole divorce: couple's messy fight involves a fight over Wheel of Fortune jackpot

VANCOUVER, WA: Scot and Carrie Dole’s divorce fight is over his Wheel of Fortune jackpot
Interesting case over in Vancouver, Washington that raises the question whether a jackpot  won at a game show is marital property given that the parties were in a quasi divorce state at the time of the win. What I mean is that at the time of the win, wife had instituted a divorce filing in court and this filing was pending.
However, subsequent to the filing, the couple reconciled and were living together. In fact, it was the wife who encouraged the husband  to ‘try out” for the show. Make a long story short, he tries out for the show, gets on the show, wins close to $100K and then, they have another falling out, whereby the wife moves out. Keep in mind that all during these activities and festivities, the wife had not  WITHDRAWN her divorce filing.
So the question for  the courts and what will be at trial this May is: Are the winnings marital property/community property? Or not? The lawyers over in Canada Vancouver seem to be split on this and the question for many is, are the winnings an ‘earning?” Because if so, then it is community property and the wife is entitled to her share of it. (She is only entitled  to a share of an earning under a community property scheme).
The answer to this is quite simple as far as I’m concerned. She is entitled to her half of the win. They were not divorced. A filing of a divorce petition is NOT a divorce. Furthermore, they had reconciled at the time of the acquisition of the asset. I don’t see what is so controvertible about this scenario. The money is marital property. If he knew he wouldn’t want to share it, he should have waited till  he had a divorce judgment in hand before going on a show  where he obviously knew he could make out like a bandit.
It was smart of the wife to insist that the court put the money in escrow pending the trial which, I think, takes place in May. Stay tuned.
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