SWITZERLAND: Matthias Schepp suspected of murdering twin daughters after wife Irina Lucidi requests divorce

Lausanne, Switzerland: Divorce drives a Phillip Morris employee to murder his children and commit suicide

Matthias Kaspar Schepp, 43, a Canadian Swiss engineer who worked at Philip Morris’ International headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, is suspected of murdering his 6 year old twin daughters Alessia and Livia Schepp, to get back at his wife Irina Lucidi who had asked for a divorce.¬† Schepp subsequently threw himself in front of a moving train.

Schepp, who had visitation with the girls, took them from their home in Switzerland on a European expedition – Marseille, Corsica, Switzerland, Italy – during which time he sent various correspondences to his estranged wife, each increasingly alarming. The latest one was sent from Cerignola Italy to let her know that he had killed the girls and would commit suicide.
Apparently, Irina (she is an attorney who also worked for Philip Morris in Lausanne in the legal department) asked for a divorce about a month after Christmas. Unknown to her, her husband made out a will that very same day and started to do extensive research on poisons, firearms and suicide.
This type of tragedy happens more often than people realize. That is one of the reasons I was so adamant that Halle Berry try to work out the custody and visitation with her daughter’s father. People tend to snap and break down emotionally when it comes to issues of marriage, divorce and child custody. They can commit the most unbelievably heinous act as a result of a breakdown of the family……
In the Schepp case, the mother reported the children missing about 3 days after she asked for divorce. Again, the Associated Press:

The girls were reported missing by their mother the evening of Jan. 30. Alessia and Livia were spending the weekend with their father in his home, as they usually did every other week. The parents had agreed by phone and text message that he could keep them Sunday night, and he should drop them off at school on Monday morning in Saint-Sulpice.

On Corsica, investigators were searching the city of Propriano, where the ferry arrived from Marseille, the towns of Macinaggio and Calvi, and spots where the family had vacationed together in happier times. They were flying over in helicopters, checking hotels and camping spots and interviewing people, the Ajaccio gendarmes’ office said, but had turned up nothing so far.
In Marseille, police have been probing pharmacies to find out whether Schepp may have bought sleeping pills or other drugs for use on his daughters, the prosecutor’s office said. Police checks on about 30 hotels turned up no sign of Schepp or his daughters.
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What can one say? All I know for sure is that this is a global epidemic and something needs to happen globally to stem these divorce related murders. The violence associated with divorce is increasing rather than decreasing. I see too many cases like this one. It’s an epidemic. We need to wake up to this fact as a global community and start to find ways to combat this problem. And it seems that men are usually the ones (not always but usually) who snap and do horrible things to their families around this time of a divorce or break up. Some kind of intervention is required. Seriously.
Also, people need to do a better job at vetting their spouses. The trouble is, most people are wonderful when they are in the dating stage of a relationship and only after marriage do many people show their true colors. Sometimes, it may even take decades to see a person’s true colors. At which time, it’s obviously too late. Like this situation. Irina probably had absolutely no idea that her engineer husband was even remotely capable of something like this. So, realistically, how can anybody really protect themselves in a situation like this?
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