CONNECTICUT: AIG millionaire Howard Sosin ordered to pay his wife $ millions even though SHE had the affair!

HARTFORD, CT: Poor Howard Sosin: Should a cheating spouse like Susan Sosin be entitled to alimony and equitable distribution when it was her adultery that caused the divorce???

HARTFORD, CT: Howard Sosin must be steaming now that the Appellate Division in Connecticut has upheld the lower courts in Bridgeport Connecticut which ruled that he owed his wife Susan Sosin $24 million plus nearly $20 million in property and personal assets.

Howard Sosin, 60, a derivatives specialist who founded AIG INVESTMENTS, CORP in 1987 and left in 1993, was ordered by a lower court judge in Bridgeport to pay Susan Sosin nearly $24 million in cash after their 2005 divorce trial, in addition to the nearly $20 million in real estate and personal property awarded to her. He filed for divorce in 2003 after discovering hundreds of e-mails between his wife and her lover, and she later admitted in court to having two affairs. [more]EMPHASIS ADDED.

According to the, Howard Sosin paid his cheating wife about $20 million but claimed that his networth had been overestimated by the forensics appraisers in the case and he¬†¬†“did pay her what he considered the remainder, $4 million, in March 2006, representing the $3.8 million plus interest, but he appealed to the state Appellate Court and Supreme Court.”
On appeal, he was ordered to pay as ordered by the lower courts. Plus interest!
Is that not the most phocked up situation you can imagine? Your spouse has two affairs and you get to pay her with interest to go on about her business? That is phocked up! (sorry, I know I shouldn’t curse but I sometimes, only a curse word will make the point. This is some effed up shizzo right here. It really, really is. And I advocate all states having something in the statute that says if a divorce is a result of adultery, the cheating spouse forfeits spousal support and a portion of what he or she ordinarily would have gotten in property settlement – course if the moneyed spouse is the cheater, he or she pays MORE.) What do you think? I mean, if this were your spouse and this was your money?

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