How often does divorce make a grown man cry?

Divorce can reduce a grown man to tears

Some men cry when their marriages implode. As a general rule, when men cry, I usually can’t deal with it. I prefer that they don’t, quite frankly because I usually don’t know what to do about the situation. And definitely, a “cry-baby” type of man is not someone I find “attractive” in the sense that, I feel, as a general rule, a man needs to know how to keep his upper lip stiff. I find that attractive in a man. Strength and reserve and a stiff upper lip. President Obama, for example, seems pretty tough in this regard. Speaker of the House John Boehner, on the other hand…..
‘Course, I’m the biggest cry-baby in the entire world. So, yes, I’m a bloody hypocrite for expecting men to hold back their tears when I quite simply am utterly incapable of holding back my own.
My first experience with “men” is my dad. And he never cried. Well, he did twice that I can recall. Twice, that I saw, in my life. There was a third he told me occurred on 911 when he watched the whole horror from his office building in lower Manhattan. The other two times I personally witnessed my dad cry. Both times, it broke my heart. It really, really did. I couldn’t bear to see my tough, indestructible dad,  or any man for that matter, cry. It almost seems that for that to happen, the world as we know it literally has to come close to the brink of the end. And for obvious reasons, that can mess up those of us who have to stand and witness this break down. That’s it. When a man cries, I feel like he’s totally broken down and if he’s broken, what will happen to me, who is emotionally so much weaker? So that’s why I think I don’t like it for men to cry. Somebody has to be strong, darn it. Somebody has to hold their shizzo together cause I certainly can’t do it….
My parents are still married, so I don’t know how my dad would have handled divorce. Would it have made him cry? I think it would depend on the reason for the divorce, quite frankly.  And I am sure that is probably true for other men as well. I don’t think every man would cry for every divorce scenario. What are the scenarios that would reduce a man to tears? I don’t think adultery would do it, necessarily. I could be wrong. But I think adultery would make most men angry, too angry to cry. You know? His pride would be wounded, for sure, but not to the point of eliciting tears? I don’t know.
I think divorces where a loving father was being blackballed by his wife and that he couldn’t have access to his kids would do it more than an adulterous wife would do it.  He has to be so hurt, more than angry, for the tears to drop, I think. ‘Course, I am not an expert on male psychology. At all. So don’t listen to me. And don’t judge me too harshly for not being able to handle men who cry. It’s  really a reflection of my own need to have that stronger element and model since, as I said, I just can’t hold back the tears. And it’s not like I’m saying that a man can never cry. It’s okay for a man to cry, whether it’s because of a divorce, or any other reason. It just can’t be as often as, say, John Boehner does it. No. Absolutely not. Sorry. Can’t cope with that at all.