NEW YORK: Murder-suicide in Webster, NY – David Pulos and Marisa Pulos

WEBSTER, NY: Did divorce drive David Pulos to kill his wife Marisa?

I just got through the story out of Lausanne, Switzerland about the Philip Morris employee who killed his twin 6 year old daughters and then killed himself after his wife asked for divorce. Now, I turn around and read this story coming out of New York about David and Marisa Pulos. They, too, were in the middle of a divorce and were ironing out the property issues when someone killed the other and turned the gun on himself. The police think the husband killed the wife. According to the Associated Press, he had a license for the shot gun used in the crime/tragedy. They couple were still living together and sharing the house pending the adjudication of the divorce when the whole thing went down.

That’s another thing I want to add. If you meet someone and they tell you up front that they own a gun or that they have an interest in guns, you should proceed very cautiously with the relationship. Most people who own guns and use guns and love guns don’t turn it on their spouses, I know that. But you know what? Why chance it?
And don’t think for one minute these divorce killings¬†only happens in America. Read what happened in Switzerland this week when a wife asked her husband for divorce:
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