YOUNG HOLLYWOOD DIVORCES: When Hollywood's twenty-somethings marry, the divorce is usually not far behind

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With this week’s news headline about Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s impending divorce, it got me to thinking about this trend in Hollywood of not just the young Hollywood marriages, but the young Hollywood divorces. It seems when Hollywood twenty-somethings marry, the divorce follows in quick succession, with very few, if any exceptions. There have been a slew of twenty-somethings in Hollywood who have gotten divorced, and not with just a little bit of scandal, in the last decade. Some of these folks may no longer be in their twenties. But here are about nine or ten who, when they divorced, were mere Babes in Toyland.  We thought we’d put together a list of the youngest Hollywood divorcés and divorcées.

Without further ado, Divorce Saloon’s List of Hollywood’s most scandalous twenty-something divorces:

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline-When news broke of Brit Brit and K-fed’s impending divorce in 2007, it was hardly a massive shock or anything.

Britney and Kevin's divorce reduced her life to a "circus"

That train had already left the station, probably before they tied the knot, months after meeting in 2004. It was pretty messy even for Young Hollywood. Never had the world seen it’s favorite pop star of the moment come apart quite so unceremoniously  at the seams as Britney did. She shaved her head, hooked up with the paparazzi and beat her ex’s car with an umbrella. She also got photographed in some very compromising poses and blogger Perez Hilton splashed the uncensored photos on his website before they were redacted. The superstar was  not wearing underwear in the shots. Things got so bad for Britney that her father had to step in and petition the court to get a conservator-ship instituted to protect his daughter from herself. Later, in an interview with one of the gossip magazines, Britney was quoted as saying, “I didn’t think my husband was going to leave me.” Things have stabilized somewhat for Ms. Spears and she and her husband continue to share custody of their two sons, Jayden and Sean Preston Federline even though he still has physical custody.  Now 29 years old, Britney seems on the mend and is dating; she has resumed her career and she has had a string of successful hits, including the chart topper “Toxic” and “Circus.”
Ashlee and Pete Wentz: Ashlee and Pete’s divorce news hit this week. Just last Christmas, the duo looked like the happiest family in Tinsley Town. It’s starting to look like a trend in Hollywood that just before a divorce, stars tend to look especially happy in public only to shock the public with an announcement shortly thereafter, that the marriage is over. The issue here, with Pete and Ashlee’s divorce,  is going to be whether these two youngsters can hang on to the “amicable” tone of their divorce. So far, (two days into it) they have pledged to remain friends and to be cooperative parents of their young son, Bronx Wentz (great name!) But look how that worked out for Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Time will tell just how amicable this turns out to be once they start dating other people, especially since Ashley wants sole custody of Bronx and especially since Pete is on record as saying he didn’t want the divorce.
Divorcees Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lackey–When Nick and Jessica (Newly Weds) announced  their divorce (she was 25), there was a collective gasp in the celebrity zeitgeist. That was some surprising divorce news, for sure, for the simple fact that they seemed so happy together, so perfectly suited to each other. While they never came to any public/verbal blows in the press, it was pretty scandalous when Nick immediately picked up with Vanessa Minnillo weeks after the divorce from Jessica. Jessica’s on record as saying she was a bit perturbed by the speed with which Nick moved on. She seemed to have a tougher time rebounding. Nick immediately had a hit record. Jessica’s record released around the same time tanked; then she gained a ton of weight which drew ridicule from the press when she came  out in what many considered “granny jeans” at a public event. To add to the debacle, she started dating John Mayer, a guy many in and outside of Hollywood consider a “radioactive” creep. (John later went on to reveal intimacies with Jennifer Jessica in an interview with a magazine. He later apologized, but she refused to accept his apology.) Jessica went on to date Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who dumped her on her twenty-seventh birthday (?), after a difficult courtship where fans blamed Jessica and dubbed her “Yoko Romo” after Tony mucked up his football games while she sat in the stands. Jessica was wounded but she bounced back a couple years back with this guy named Eric Johnson, a former NFL player, and happily for her, the two are now engaged.
Reese Witherspooon Laura Jeane Reese Witherspoon was about 29 when her divorce news hit the world like a sack of bricks. She divorced her first and so far only husband, Ryan Phillippe well before her 30th birthday. 
Reese divorced Ryan shortly after winning the Oscar for Best Actress

The couple met when Reese was only 21 years old — at her birthday party — which, according to sources, was also when they fell in love. At first sight. They married a year later but by 2006, shortly after Reese won the Oscar (speaking of the Oscar curse) for Walk the Line, she filed for divorce stating, “it’s a frightening experience.” Around that time, Ryan was rumored to be involved with one of his co-stars, Abbey Cornish. What was so frightening about it? Only Reese knows for sure. But one thing is for sure, she didn’t stick around long after news of Ryan’s alleged affair with Abbey.  At 34, Reese has since bounced back with two serious relationships, one with Jake Gyllenhaal and now with her current fiancé Jim Toth. The latest news on their engagement has been chronicled on a regular basis in various gossip magazines. Reese and Ryan share custody of two lovely children. 
Amy Winehouse 27 year old Amy Winehouse has been a hot mess for some time now. She married her on again off again boyfriend Blake Fielder in 2007 and he’s admitted to introducing the mega-watt singer to crack-cocaine and heroin. Both Amy and Blake’s parents publicly voiced concerns that the two would “commit suicide.” Fielder-Civil reportedly said that they would cut themselves to ease the pain of withdrawal.They divorced in 2009 when Amy was 25.  Blake famously refused any money from Amy in a settlement,  according to”Wikipedia.
Scarlett Johansson. It’s hard to believe that Scarlett Johansson, the woman Woody Allen described as “sexually overwhelming” is only 26 years old. That means when she married her husband Ryan whatever his last name is, she was only about 24. They announced plans to divorce last December. Here’s the relevant portion of Scarlett’s Wikipedia profile:

She has been linked to many famous men, including Benicio del Toro, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, and her Black Dahlia co-star Josh Hartnett, though Johansson denies she had a relationship with del Toro. Johansson and Hartnett dated for about two years until the end of 2006, with Hartnett citing their busy lives as the reason for the split
In a 2006 interview, Johansson expressed a concern about the potential conflict between the nature of human beings and the concept of monogamy. However, she has stated “contrary to popular belief … [I am] not promiscuous” and that she works “really hard” when she’s in a relationship “to make it work in a monogamous way.” She gets tested for HIV twice a year and has said, “It’s part of being a decent human [and it is] just disgusting behavior when people don’t. It’s so irresponsible.”

Christina Aguilera Around the time of her 29th birthday, Christina Aguilera announced to the world that she was no longer happy in her marriage to her husband of 4 years Jordan Bratman, and so she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Within weeks, she was quoted as saying she had found a man (a new one) who was the most wonderful thing to talk to on the telephone, and who made her feel “amazing.” Or something such. It was recently reported that Christina and Jordan have finalized their divorce, and five months after she filed for divorce, Christina finally has the home they shared to herself (at one point, rumor has it that Christina, Jordan and her new boyfriend were all living together under the same roof!)
Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore lived hard when you consider she’s admitted snorting cocaine at 13 and being in rehab years before her sweet sixteen. She’s also been divorced twice both times before her 30th birthday. She’s been engaged to Leland Hayward and Jamie Walters according to her Wikipedia profile. Her first divorce was around age 19 from Jeremy Thomas and her second divorce occurred around age 26 from Tom Green.  She’s had a series of boyfriends since then, all of which ended up in splits and apparently, she’s admitted to being bisexual and “loving” making out with women.
Tony Parker Twenty-eight year old Tony Parker, an NBA superstar, was married to one of the sexiest women on television, Eva Longoria, when he was accused of extra-marital sexting with a mutual friend. He was also accused of marital improprieties with a woman named Alexandra Paressant. He vehemently denied those rumors. As did Eva, at the time. Their two year marriage cracked up officially on November 17, 2010 when Eva, 7 years Tony’s senior, finally filed for divorce.

After lavish Paris wedding, Tony and Eva divorced in under 5 years

The Belgian born French citizen, Parker, has also been accused of having an affair with a young woman by the name of Erin Barry.
McCauley Culkin. McCauley Culkin was about 18 years old in 1998 when he married his first wife Rachel Minor. They separated just two years later according to his Wikipedia profile. He’s since been engaged to Mila Kunis and has had a bit of trouble with the law for drug possession.
Kate Hudson Kate Hudson married Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson in 2000 when she was only 21 years old. They had a beautiful ceremony in Colorado and the marriage lasted a good minute by Hollywood standards but it was over in 2007.
Kate's been dating like crazy since her divorce from Chris Robinson

Since then, Kate has had a string of flings, including a high profile one with baseball star Alex Rodriguez. As of this print, she is pregnant with the child Matthew Bellamy’s child. Matthew is frontman for Muse.
Olivia Wilde. Up and comer Olivia Wilde and her husband, the son of an Italian prince, ostensibly, announced their plans to divorce a few days ago. They got married in a school bus when Ms. Wilde was only 19 years old (she’s 26 now.) Her husband’s name is Tao Ruspoli
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