Travel: 2 unusual divorce getaways

2 post-divorce destinations to unwind and regroup

Now that Mubarak is no longer the president of Egypt, Rumor has it that he has  escaped to Sharm El Sheikh, a coastal seaside town on the edge of the Red Sea, not far from Israel. Prosecutors will probably go over there to “smoke him out of his hole” so that they can find the missing $70 billion that they are now saying he may have helped himself to, during his 30 year autocratic rule of Egypt. I don’t know. I have no comment on that. I say leave the poor guy alone. But then again…

Unwind post-divorce in Sharm El Sheikh

What I wanted to talk about was Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm El Sheikh sounds like an absolutely delightful holiday spot  for sophisticated world-weary travelers. For those who are going through a divorce, what better place to veg out and think things over? True, it was hit by a terrorist attack in 2005 but that shouldn’t stop you from going there. New York was hit in 2001 and it is still a top destination for international travelers, isn’t it?

Sharm El Sheikh is also known as the City of Peace, inspite of  a history of unrest. It has changed hands a few times and used to belong to Israel until the 198os when it was restored to Egypt after many years of Israeli occupation.

Here are some fun places to stay and things to do in Sharm el Sheikh: click here.
The other destination you might try is Punta Del Este. Some call Punta Del Este the St. Tropez of Uraguay. It  is on the Atlantic Coast and it a fave destination for many well heeled travelers. Before South Carolina’s governor Mark Sanford divorced his wife, he was caught in Punta Del Este having a romantic holiday with his lover Maria Chapur. Punta Del Este, it turns out is accessible only by ferry from Buenas Aires, Argentina.

Punta Del Este

Not sure if you can get a direct flight there. Doesn’t look like it. But the ferry boat could be therapeutic as well. Sort of like the Staten Island Ferry on a hot summer’s day in NYC. Oh the nostalgia! When you get there, be sure to rent a sweet little car. Why? Well, I was reading on and they recommend a car highly:

An hour and a half by car from Montevideo, Punta del Este offers twenty miles of pristine beaches. You’ll need a car to visit them all or discover your favorite. Mansa, or gentle beach, is on the bay side, while the one facing the Atlantic is Brava. Photo. These are terrifically crowded during the summer season, which begins in December and ends in March. Locals use other beaches, notably to La Barra del Maldonado, a beautiful inlet that flows from the back bay area of Maldonado out to the Atlantic Ocean. One of the city landmarks are the Dedos, fingers, in the sand at Playa Brava. See this photo and you’ll see why.
La Barra is also the center of youth oriented activities, from daytime sports on the fine sandy beach to all night discos. To get to this small village, you cross an unusual bridge shaped like an easy roller coaster. With all the water surrounding Punta del Este, sailing is popular and large marinas attract an international flotilla. Photo and anotherof the Puerto Buceo Yatch Club Pocitos.

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