Christopher Mark and Maria Isakova: Will the steel tycoon seek custody of infant daughter now that Marina's filed for child support?

Will Christopher Mark file for custody of baby Maria now that his ex lover and the child’s mother Marina Isakova, a Russian émigré, has sued the multimillionaire for child support?
The New Post ran this story about a Connecticut millionaire steel tycoon Christopher Mark and his lover Marina Isakova a few days back but I only learned of it through John Bolch who writes Family Lore across the pond. Thanks John!

Will Christopher Mark sue Marina Isakova for custody of Maria?

Here’s the summary of the story, according to the New York Post: Christopher Mark is a multi millionaire who is in the process of divorcing his wife and was living  in a 35,000 square feet castle in Woodstock, Connecticut with his lover, Marina Isakova, a Russian émigré.
Christopher and Marina had a baby named Maria in 2009 but right after her birth, Christopher allegedly kicked Maria and Marina out of the castle and the two girls wound up living in a walk up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.
Christopher was paying $1000 per month child support, but it is not enough to pay rent in Brooklyn, as you can well imagine, and so, according to the Post, Marina and Maria are facing eviction while Christopher lives it up in his castle, and so she’s sued him for additional child support.
Here’s the NYPost on the story, per Ms. Isakova:

“When I got pregnant, he was so happy that we would have a child together,” said Isakova, who also has a 9-year-old daughter.
Then “he told his workers to throw me on the street with my babies.”
A Brooklyn Family Court judge recently ordered Mark to pay an additional $700 a month to cover child-care expenses until a hearing later this week.
The pair’s relationship began in 2009, when Mark persuaded Isakova to leave her husband and move with her older daughter, Polina, into the 20-room, $4.1 million castle he shared with his other daughters, ages 6 and 8, Isakova said.
She said that she moved to Brooklyn to have the baby because there was too much going on at the castle, and that Mark hired a nanny to help her.But he didn’t show up for Maria’s birth or visit them in the hospital, instead sending a text message saying, “[I] didn’t want to add to your stress,” while complaining of a “very bad financial situation,” Isakova said.
She tried to return to the castle but was rebuffed.
Now she’s on food stamps.

Wow. One has to wonder what Maria Isakova did for rent prior to 2009 when she met Christopher Mark. She already had a nine year old daughter and so she was obviously paying her rent somehow. The fact that she now has a 2 year old for a multi-millionaire is well taken. He should definitely pay to support his daughter. But the idea that she is getting evicted because he refuses to pay more than $1,000 per month is a little incredible. She was surviving before she met this purported sugar daddy, right? All of a sudden, she’s getting evicted.
On the other hand, if he induced her to leave her husband only to dump her after she got pregnant, that’s pretty low. Also, if he is really worth all those millions, he should definitely pay more than $1,000 per month and the child support statutes in New York, which are income sensitive, will not be his friend, to be sure.
At the same time, Marina Isakova needs to be careful he does not make a bid for custody of his daughter. If she is unable to care for the child, and is facing eviction, the court could very well decide that the child is better off with her father who can provide for her financially. That will close up any loophole that would allow Marina to benefit from the largess of Christopher’s coffers, all in the name of child support.


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