John Tesh claims that May-December marriages have some of the lowest divorce rates!

May-December marriages have lowest divorce rates!

I’m becoming a major John Tesh junkie, partly because I’m in a situation where I don’t have a television so all my entertainment comes from the radio, and, of course, blogging on Divorce Saloon. Anyways, he just got through saying that research shows that May-December marriages have comparatively very low divorce rates. This is interesting. One woman called in to refute that claim, saying that her husband is twelve years younger than she is and expects her to act as his mother. Still, Tesh says the research shows that marriages where there is an age difference over ten years are very successful.


Yet another woman called in to say that her husband is 25 years older than she is and that they are very happy together. Interesting, no? I think it could work only if the husband is the one who is that much older. A man who is 25 years older than a woman is a different animal from a man who is 25 years younger than a woman. There are exceptions to the rule and certainly, the latter may work; but typically, I don’t think it would last unless it’s the man who is older. Something to do with the male psyche. And ours too. It’s inhered, part of the natural law and order of things. For a May-December marriage to work, absolutely, the husband has to be the one who is much older or a divorce is inevitable.
Personally, I love older men. No, really. I think they are so wise and they can guide you and take care of you in a way that some adolescent man who wants to sow his wild oats can’t. You just don’t have the same kind of headaches with an older gentleman as you do with a young punk. And you can take care of him, and he lets you, and it’s cute, you know? I like ’em.I think if I get married, my ideal husband is either my own age, or much, much older. I would never marry a young whipper snapper type of man, ever. That is a recipe for heartache, man. Can you imagine a woman is 25 years older than her husband and she turns  60 years old when he turns 35 years old?  That is just stoopid. THAT IS STOOPID. On the other hand, if you flip it around, somehow, I think it can work. I don’t know why. Nature, custom, whatever. It is just different. And trying to pretend that it’s not is why a lot of cougars get in trouble with their toy boys.
I guess it depends on what the reason is for the relationship too. If one is looking for a fling, only, then by all means a woman can get involved in a  May/December relationship where she is old enough to be the man’s mother. If she wants marriage or a serious relationship that is predicated on respect and that is not doomed to end in divorce, she would be a bloody fool to marry a man like that. On the other hand, if the man is the one who is older? As John Tesh said, this is winning combination for a lot who’ve tried it. Statistics show that this can and does work. So don’t write me nasty comments. I don’t make the rules. So don’t shoot the messenger. If you are contemplating a May-December relationship, make sure the man is the one who is older. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….the only thing I worry about is, like, Viagra issues. I mean, how does that work? Ya know?
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