Halle Berry reportedly quits film to fight for custody of daughter Nahla Aubry – she should've used a sperm donor

2/16/11 Custody battle Update: A California judge has ruled that Halle can take Nahla to New York to film the movie she quit last week. That means round one of the custody battle goes to Halle. Also, according to TMZ, Gabriel has dropped his paternity/child support suit against Halle. Now all that is pending is the paternity suit. Interesting development, and quite frankly a relief. But this is only the beginning. This story is far from at its denouement. Halle still needs to be careful. She needs to continue to work with Gabriel. She needs to be sensitive in how she approaches her new dating life, and she needs to just watch her back. I advocate that she makes every possible effort to share custody fully with him; never let him feel like his back is up against a wall; never let him feel threatened in the sense that another man is stepping into his place particulary where his daughter is concerned. And you know what? Foster a very, very congenial and friendly relationship with him. If they are good friends, he is less apt to snap and do anything stupid or off the wall. But this is good news. They need to work this out between them like adults, do what is best for Nahla – which is to have both her parents; and tread careful with the post-relationship dating situation. Keep jealousies at bay, in other words. Don’t play games. This is especially urgent for Halle. She has so much more to lose here. Which is why we wrote her this letter.

Original post: Gabriel Aubry allegedly to make a low ball play for custody of Halle Berry’s (and his) daughter, Nahla

Oooh. Gabriel Aubry is allegedly fighting Halle Berry for custody of daughter Nahla Aubry. I was afraid of this happening. Wow. Here’s Yahoo News on the issue:

Halle Hotness Berry
LOS ANGELES – Halle Berry has pulled out of a film job to prepare for a custody fight over her young daughter. A spokeswoman for the Oscar-winning actress says Berry backed out of a role in “New Year’s Eve” that was scheduled to shoot in New York this week “due to pending custody litigation involving her daughter.”
Publicist Meredith O’Sullivan did not say where or when the custody case would be heard.
Berry and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have a daughter, Nahla, who will turn 3 in March.
Attempts to reach Aubry on Monday were unsuccessful. www.yahoo.com

This is a textbook case for why modern, single gals like Halle should go the artificial insemination route. This custody battle nonsense. No offense to guys and their role in the children’s lives and all, but this was bound to happen, especially for someone like Halle who is rich, famous and single; and it remains to be seen how it plays out. Hopefully she won’t get so depressed if it goes his way that she opens up the carbon monoxide in her car like she did when she broke up with her first husband, Justin.
Gabriel Aubry. Why is he doing this? Jeeze. Not to take away from his paternal rights or anything. I believe in fathers playing a very active role in the lives of their children. I respect father’s rights. Don’t get me wrong. But not like this. A custody fight is usually about power and has very little to do with the kids. Plus, it’s not like they were even married. So where does he get off trying to take the kid away knowing it is the one thing he can do to completely destroy that girl?
He will probably argue that Halle is too busy traveling and working to be an effective and appropriate custodial parent and that it is in the child’s “best interest” to  live with him – and the court might agree with him. Halle could have a serious issue here. Then he will get child support for the next twenty-one years. The irony of the whole thing is Halle probably hooked up with him because she thought he would be a good “sperm” pick. Mixed with her, the baby was bound to be gorgeous. She specifically wanted him for the sperm, I bet, more than anything else. Not that  he is not singularly the best guy there is, in every way. But when she did her calculus, the sperm donor factor was dispositive. And he probably knows it. And now, look at this shit. He’ll probably wind up taking  the baby away from her. She should have just gotten herself a sperm donor….wonder if this has to do with jealousy over Halle’s new boyfriend? Is Gabriel jealous because Halle has moved on? Didn’t he go out on some really public dates with Kim Kardashian?…omg…what if he marries Kim and wins custody? Where does that leave Nahla and Halle?
Jesus, Halle. You should have just gotten a sperm donor. I’m sorry. But you should have….update….seems like it’s Halle suing Gabriel now that I read a few more blogs, not the other way around. Some say he’s the petitioner some say she’s the petitioner. Wonder if Radaronline has a copy of the petition? Who is the actual suer and who is the sue-ee? Either way you cut it, I still think she would have been way smarter to have gotten an anonymous sperm donor, which is what she probably wanted in the first place when she hooked up with this almost adolescent. (No offense to Gabriel but he’s young and a pretty boy and hardly the type of life-long partner one would expect Halle to choose to settle down, marry and have babies with. But she was never particularly good at picking em…..a vice I understand only too well meself. But she really should have known better. How many phock ups can you have before you learn your lesson, Halle? I’m mad at you. You should have anticipated this and done this whole thing differently. You really should have.)
Oh, and another thing (I can’t stop with this one, I keep ruminating on it!) if, in fact, this is about “jealousy” then Halle needs to be very careful. A custody fight could be the least of her problems. Not to say Gabriel will do anything to her and Nahla. But jealous men can be a danger to a woman. Seriously. They may be perfectly good, kind people. But jealousy distorts judgment. And the way Halle is cavorting with that french guy? I don’t know. If it is driving Gabriel to start making territorial power plays for their two year old, and Halle is now fighting that, she needs to watch out. Seriously. I’ve covered too many stories of what jealousy can do to an otherwise rational person. Gabriel’s whole manhood may feel publicly threatened by this new relationship Halle is having with this french guy. He’s probably insanely jealous about the whole thing and can scarcely bear to think of them together and with his daughter to boot. If he feels pushed to the wall on this, and he can’t get his daughter (who, by the way, is just a catalyst, a pawn in this interaction between her parents and the interloper frenchman) he could snap.
I’m very serious. Halle needs to think about this and re-evaluate how she is going about this situation so that he feels less threatened, has free access to his daughter, and doesn’t feel like his nose is being rubbed in the quasi connubial bliss she seems to be enjoying with the new man. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean this guy can’t rearrange her face. No, seriously. I’m very, very serious. She needs to watch this situation very carefully and change her tactics, stat. 
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Originally published 2/16/11