BAHRAIN: Divorce rates alarmingly high so government to use Malaysia's ideas to reduce divorce rates

Bahrain: Divorce rates alarmingly high; government inspired by Malaysia’s methods of handling a similar problem

Divorces increase along with civil unrest in Bahrain

According to this blogger, divorce rates in Bahrain are “alarmingly high” and the Bahraini government (just as soon as they get through dealing with the civilian protests that have been increasing since the Egyptian Revolution last week) are trying to find ways to deal with it; one plan is to follow Malaysia’s modality of offering intimacy and romance and marriage courses and classes to couples. Here’s what the blogger said in part:

“The government needs to act promptly and decisively. They need to carry out in-depth studies by social, psychological and academic experts to know the real causes for the high divorce rate. They should also seek to gain insights into how to tackle such problems from other countries and launch awareness programmes for young men and women,” the MPs said.
Malaysia’s success story in addressing the issue should be considered and eventually emulated, they said.
Last year, in a move to tackle rising divorce rates in the socially conservative country, the government started organising workshops that featured suggestions to strength marriage bonds by promoting romance and intimacy.

Bahraini women

Al Menbar MPs hope that the government in Bahrain will also take bold steps to tackle the problem, particularly that the motion is likely to be approved by the other blocs.
The parliament’s legislative and legal committee has endorsed the motion, paving the way for its discussion by the lower chamber. If passed, it will be reviewed by the upper chamber before it is submitted to the government for application.