CALIFORNIA: Jim Williamson kills wife Sandy, her divorce attorney Judy Soley, and self following protracted divorce

FRESNO, CA: Yet another instance this week of a man killing his wife (or his children) and then committing suicide following a divorce. The only new twist is that he also took out the divorce attorney as well. The suspect, Jim Williamson, resided in Bass Lake California and according to press reports, he and his wife Sandy were fighting over property. They had separated in 2004, reconciled, and then she filed again in 2007. There were a few orders of protection that she had filed over the course of the marriage and once, she was even quoted as saying she was “fearful” of her husband.
Jesus. This stuff really makes me want to quit the divorce business and get into patent law. And it makes me fear for myself and every woman on the planet who is either married or thinking about getting married one day. Are any of us safe? Men are increasingly killing their wives in this country. In this world. Women are in danger and completely at the mercy of men and husbands in this world. What is going on? Does anyone else see the increase in this horrible trend? Or is it just me? And yes, I know there are some wives who kill husbands. But in 99% of the cases, it is looking like a man on woman crime here. It is looking like men are taking complete dominion and power over their wives and committing murder rather than go their separate ways after a divorce – because they can. This is a problem. This is a big problem. Is it something in the water? What the $%#^ IS GOING ON? You don’t see this in gay relationships. Gay men are not killiing their gay lovers they way that straight men are killing their wives….maybe because they are not getting married and so they are not fighting over property?
Is this all about property? In which case, women need to what? Let him have all the property? I don’t know if that is the solution. Sometimes it seems they don’t  even get that far. The woman asks for the divorce and the man just goes ape shit and kills her. I don’t think this is all about property and money. But if the statistics show that it is, then the advice would be either a) don’t get married or b) if you get married, and you want a divorce, first, leave so he can’t  find you. Then request the divorce by proxy. And let him have all the property. If it will save your life. That would be my advice to women at this point. Around the whole world. Because this nonsense is happening everywhere. And the big excuse for these men is, “I just snapped.”
Oh really? Well, you know what? Women need to think ten times before getting married to a man. And if she does and she wants a divorce? Run. Ask for the divorce once you’ve already ran and he can’t find you (no matter how sane he seems) and then, for the most  part, let him keep all his shizzo – even if you contributed to earning it. As for the kids? That’s a problem. You know what? I’m getting to a point where I am starting to think (oh god help me) I’m starting to think that people need to have their own kids separate from their marriages. Everybody use surrogates, or artificial insemination so that if you divorce, you can each take your own kids  with  you  and you don’t have to fight over that, or get killed over that. Controversial? Well, do you prefer to be controversial? Or to be dead?
Women of the world need to rethink marriage and up front, they need to think what will happen if I have to divorce this guy? And act accordingly. And be willing to walk away with nothing, if it will save their lives. Seriously. It’s just stuff. You can get more stuff. Let him keep his stuff. This issue of men murdering their wives after she asks for a divorce is a grave, serious, epidemic. It’s just that, no one is paying attention.
As for divorce lawyers? I don’t want to be alarmist, but this job is getting to be very high risk. You guys are going to have to start wearing bullet proof vests at a minimum. Or open a hairdressing salon or something and eschew this shizzo altogether….
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