FLORIDA: Army Col. Parker Schenecker to divorce wife Julie Schenecker following her 1/27 murder of their two children

TAMPA, FL: Army Colonel Parker Schenecker to divorce his wife Julie Schenecker after her Jan 27 infanticide of their two teen-age children

Here is a case of a wife being the perpetrator and killing her two children for some bizarre reason, ostensibly because they “talked back too much. Julie Schenecker killed her 16 year old daughter Calyx and her 13 year old son Beau on January 27 and now her husband, an army colonel, has gone to prison to request a divorce. Says the Herald Tribune:

The husband of a Tampa mother accused of killing their two children said he went to the jail Friday to tell her he wants a divorce.
It was the first meeting between Army Col. Parker Schenecker and his wife, Julie, since her Jan. 27 arrest on charges that she planned and carried out the killings of their 16-year-old daughter, Calyx, and 13-year-old son, Beau. She told detectives she did it because the children were talking back and being “mouthy,” according to a Tampa police spokeswoman.
In a statement sent to reporters Friday, Parker Schenecker said the meeting with his wife was “emotional and productive,” but he did not go into detail about their discussions. He said the meeting “focused mostly on how so many people continue to honor and remember the lives of Calyx and Beau.”
“I felt it was important and proper to inform her in person about my need to focus on the future, and my intention to file for divorce,” the statement said. “Clearly the events of January 27th have taken Julie and me on different paths.” [more]

All I can say is that families are in crisis in this country. And in the world. It must be a sign of the end of times.
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