CHINA: As counterfeit divorces increase, judge admonishes would-be couples of the risk of the fake divorce

China’s counterfeit divorces rise amid frenzied real estate market; judge warns couples they could be taking a big risk by getting fake marriages and divorces 
China is not infamous only for its counterfeit manufacturing and technological and healthcare market (did you know that they even have counterfeit insulin medication, counterfeit airplane parts, counterfeit Microsoft products and counterfeit cough syrup to name a few? It’s off the charts!) Anyway, so, now the country is having internal problem with counterfeit divorces. Chinese couples are getting fake divorces like it’s going out of style. Apparently, China has this rule where couples can only buy two homes, max. But the Chinese economy has exploded, as has the middle class, and they have bigger purchasing power and many want investment property and so they are forced to get these fake divorces so that the newly singles can get two additional houses. And the way the scam works, the couple  just keeps getting married and divorced so they can circumvent the law and buy more real estate.
Well, a judge in China has come down on their conscience by telling a story of a couple who got divorced, the husband took the two pieces of real estate. The wife was then supposed to buy two more pieces after the fake divorce, then get remarried. Instead, hubby dearest took off with the homes and didn’t remarry the poor girl. So the judge is warning would-be divorce counterfeiters to proceed cautiously with these fake divorces. If you read Chinese, you can read the full article here:
……………..So now China is  becoming the counterfeit divorce capital of the world, among other monikers….wonder if Hu Jintao knows this is going on and what he thinks about it? Or is too busy trying to quell a Jasmine Revolution?
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