FLORIDA: Kelsey Grammer engages in some muy embarassing post-divorce PDA with wife-to be

For a 55 year old man who’s been married four times before, Kelsey Grammer sure is acting like a horny adolescent teen-aged boy. A London paper has photographed him and wife-to be Kayte Walsh on a pre-wedding holiday in Florida, and not for nothing, but Kelsey is embarrassing. He’s clearly trying so hard to prove he’s finally happy, that one is inclined to feel compassion for the old geezer. I mean, he’s practically spilling out of his pants, and is basically mounting his girlfriend in public like a male dog. And she’s obviously trying her best to enjoy it. But one can pick up a certain discernible “jesus christ, can you relax” aura from her as she provides her lips and other parts dutifully to him.¬† It’s so embarrassing! Honestly, who is he trying to impress??? In one of the pictures he’s caught waving at the photographers, so he clearly knows he’s being watched. It’s all a public display for someone’s benefit? Camille’s? I don’t think Camille gives two biscuits at this point. She’s moved on. I read somewhere that she’s to be a CNN Oscar reporter. Or something such. Watch. She’s going to be dating a big time Hollywood honcho before you know it. She does not care about Kelsey and his little…..29 year old wife.
Honestly, is Kelsey Grammer being embarassing, or what? What will his kids say in ten years about this? You just want to walk up to him and whisper, “Relax, Kelsey. Everybody believes that Kayte is the one, finally, and this marriage will last as long as you both shall live, so help you god. You don’t have to try that hard. And you know what? Your chest? It gives your age away, big time. If I were you, I’d cover that up. The legs are okay and you can wear shorts. But that chest. Oh my god. Please, Kelsey, button your shirt and only undo it when you are the privacy of your boudoir with your wife of choice. the day.”
Jeeze. How ridiculous is he going to look in two years when this thing blows up?
Check out the pics here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1358508/Kelsey-Grammer-Kayte-Walsh-hide-loving-feeling-holiday.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
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