Want to save your marriage? Kiss your spouse night and day!

A kiss in time could save your marriage

I sitting here listening to John Tesh and he just got through saying that studies show that couples who kiss each other, lingeringly, several times a day (but especially at the beginning of the day and the end of the day), that their marriage last longer.  Yep. And you know what? That makes total sense, I think. Kissing is the best part of mating and love-making, isn’t it?  It’s intimate and loving and nurturing at the same time because you have to hug, in order to kiss, and when a kiss is given for its own sake, rather than an ulterior motive for, say, sex, it’s so sweet, isn’t it?


And so warm. And if you start each day of your marriage with a kiss and end it with a kiss, ones that linger and smooch, and also shares a warm embrace, what else is needed, really? I advocate lots of kisses and hugs in marriages. And say you’re sorry! And you’ll see how much good it does for your marriage and your relationship. ahahahahahaha 🙂 (can somebody tell me what the hell I’m talking about??? It’s John Tesh. And the music (Prince…Kiss.) And the fact that I’m conducting this massive love affair in my head with this man who is totally oblivious. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.)
Giggle, giggle.
But no, seriously? John Tesh said that kissing your spouse more has been proven to strengthen marriages. So there. I shared the information. You do what you need to do with it.
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