Marriage & Fertility & Divorce: How often does this trilogy intersect?

Is infertility taking a toll on your marriage?

I was just wondering if “fertility” (male or female) is a huge issue in a marriage. I don’t know but I suspect that being infertile can lead to a divorce if one of the parties desperately wants kids and the other cannot have them for one reason or another. Or, maybe both parties want kids and one of them just can’t make it happen biologically whether the sperm count is low or the eggs are deficient or whatever.

Fertility, Marriage & Divorce

The stress of trying repeatedly to conceive can totally take a toll. Or the insensitivity from the partner, family or friends can really mess a person up – and as a result the marriage suffers as well. What is the solution? Well, there’s always adoption. But even so, maybe putting such a heavy emphasis on procreation is the reason you’re experiencing infertility. Just don’t think about it so hard. Focus on living, focus on your marriage. And let nature take it’s course. And accept too. Yes, I know, easier said that done. But what are you going to do? Grow wrinkles just because you’re obsessed with having a baby and your body won’t cooperate? Destroy your marriage? Don’t be ridiculous. Everything happens for a reason anyways and you just have to find a way to make lemonade out of your lemons. And enjoy the love-making rather than make it so business-like and clinical and maybe, just maybe you’ll get pregnant sooner than you think.


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