TEXAS: A man and his ex wife get into a shooting match; both are in critical condition in hospital

Texas couple shoot up each other in a gun battle; they had been recently divorced

News reports out of Richland Hills, Texas is that a man and his ex-wife are both in critical condition after getting into a shooting match in the woman’s home. The husband, whose name was not released, went to the wife’s house toting two shot guns. Somehow, he gained entry to the property and then the shooting began. The wife apparently got hold of her own heat and with the two of them now packing heat, it got pretty dangerous pretty quickly. Husband was shot in the chest, ex wife in the leg by the time the paramedics arrived to haul them both to the hospital. This is why I’m anti-guns. But here in Texas, you can’t exactly say that too loudly. It’s like Georgia. People take their gun rights very seriously here and everybody packs heat. Just the other day, I was attending this lecture and the speaker said something to the effect that “I keep Smith and Wesson in business” and I just got the chills when he said that. It’s so different in New York where only bad guys cop to carrying guns. In Texas, “law abiding” citizens take their guns very, very seriously. But see what happens a lot of times? They turn those things on each other. A lot of spouses do. And that is why, for the most part, I am anti-guns. I think they do more harm than good, most of the time.

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