The wedding ring: What does your husband's refusal to wear a ring mean? Divorce?

Does your husband’s refusal to wear his wedding ring mean you’re getting a divorce?
So. I was talking to a friend this weekend about a man I have this massive crush on (what else in new? šŸ™‚ I’m so ridiculous) and the first question she asked is, “are you sure he’s not married?” And I was like, “No, I’m not sure. All I know is he doesn’t wear a wedding ring and I don’t see a ring mark on his finger.” And she said, “that don’t mean nothing. A lot of married guys don’t wear wedding rings. You have to find out beforeĀ  you waste another brain cell fantasizing about him. Besides,” she said, “he could be gay.”

No wedding ring does not mean he's single!

She is right, of course. A lot of married men don’t wear a wedding ring. My own father has been married to my mother for 45 years and he doesn’t and has never worn a wedding ring. Back in the day, in our culture, men did not wear wedding rings. The theory was that a man takes a wife, therefore she wears his ring (how chauvinistic, eh?) but the man does not wear a ring, because, well, he’s the man. So men of a certain age, when they don’t wear a ring even though they are married, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with their marriage. They could be very happily married and divorce is a near impossibility, but they don’t wear a ring.
But for today’s modern man, 50 and younger, I think they would typically wear a ring if they are married and when they don’t, it definitely means something. I am not sure exactly what it means. I don’t think one could generalize and say it means that the marriage is in trouble or that a divorce is imminent, necessarily but it definitely has some sort of meaning.
I mean, what’s so hard to put a ring on your finger if you’re married, for god’s sakes? It sends a clear message: I am unavailable and for the most part, it keeps would be manhunters at bay. ( šŸ™‚ ) Plus, I am thinking that today’s women like it when their husbands wear a ring because it means they belong to each other. They take each other, they are equally committed.
I guess if a man has never worn his ring, though, it’s a different matter than if he used to wear the ring, and all of a sudden, he stopped. As the wife in the latterĀ scenario, I think that’s a red flag, a message of some sort. He’s definitely saying something. What? I don’t know. It could be he wants a divorce. But it could be he’s just bored. Or maybe heĀ gained weight and the ring is tight. Who knows. You have to start doing some talking and find out what is at the bottom of this ringlessness.
Now, for those man-hunters out there (I am not manhunting, btw, I just happen to think he’s kinda cute šŸ™‚ but it’s not like I’m planning to act on it or anything) the fact that he doesn’t wear a ring is not dispositive of his availability. Because he could still be married; orĀ separated; or maybe he’s not even into women, as PJ pointed out…..and that’s another thing. How do you tell the difference? Ya know? Between a single man and a gay man if the “ring” is the only thing you have to go on?Ā Ā Ā Ā 
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