NEW YORK: Law firm sues rocker Prince for back-legal fees for his 2006 divorce

Prince’s divorce lawyers sue for back-legal fees
Apparently, rocker Prince has been remiss in paying his divorce attorneys for his 2006 divorce from wife Manuela Testolini Nelson. Now the New York based firm is suing his majesty for just over $700K. The firm, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, is not a divorce firm. They are more general practice. Actually, when you go their website, they aren’t even divorce lawyers. They do a bunch of stuff, to wit:

but they are not in the business of divorce and family law. Yet, somehow, represented Prince in his divorce; and a bunch of civil actions; and according to Yahoo News, Prince has not paid up. What portion of the outstanding balance goes to the divorce? Who knows. All I’ve read is that a portion of the balance was for his divorce. Hopefully, Prince is not broke and he can settle this case and move on with his life.
Or will he sue them for malpractice? He more than likely will make a claim somehow to say, hey, you don’t know anything about divorce and you represented me, and blah, blah, blah, so therefore I shouldn’t have to pay you….should be interesting to hear the other side and to see how this story pans out.