Should every state have a divorce "cooling off" period?

Should every state have a divorce “cooling off” period?

I have some nerve talking to you about “cooling off” periods since I can be such a hot head myself. This from the woman who just two days ago decided she would pull the plug on her blog because Google demoted her website. I typically only cool off after the fact so I just want to put that out there, that I am not preaching, to anyone, about cooling off. I am saying, though, that typically, once I let myself cool off and I am no longer seeing red? A lot of times, I have a complete change of heart than what I said I would do while I was seeing red. And right at this moment? 48 hours later? It’s like, Google who? Huffpost Who? I am blissfully happy sitting outside in the most pastoral settings, listening to the birds, looking at the landscape, enjoying a warm Texas afternoon, life could not be better. And there is a cat here. Who looks exactly like my beloved cat who died last summer. And he’s right here, sitting on the table while I type on my laptop. And my heart is so aglow, so warmed and happy. I can’t even describe it. Hysterically, a young lady said to me today, “you always look so at peace!” And I laughed to myself. If she only knew. If she only knew! 🙂

But yea. I’m having a happy little interval right now and I wanted to put something up on the board and I pulled this one out because it’s been sitting in draft for months, and it is apropos to my mood. I think cooling off periods are good for everyone. And when it comes to divorce and stuff, I just think that sometimes  couples need to take a cooling off period and I don’t have a huge problem with states mandating this. Take a time out. Cool off. Count to ten before you react (easier said than done for us Saggitarians, eh?) Make sure that this is really the only solution to whatever challenges you are facing in your marriage. What objection could anyone have to this?
Pic, courtesy of Flickr.