The Vagina Monologues of a Tiger wife: Why she is demanding a divorce

ahahahahahaha 🙂
That’s all I have to say on this one.
Oh, wait, New York ex mayor Rudy Guilliani’s ex wife Donna Hanover had starred in this play on Broadway called the Vagina Monologues just before she filed for divorce from her husband – or he from her. I never did get to the root of what that play was all about, never saw it. I can only surmise in my own mind what it was saying, sub-textually. And these issues ALWAYS lead to divorce. Now, for the “tiger” wife bit, I am piggybacking on the new “tiger mom” trend. And really, I’m just being silly. That’s all. I just finished a paper for this course I am talking on transnational crime and it felt good so I decided to celebrate by writing a silly post. And since Google’s killed my blog and pretty much nobody except for maybe 10 people in New York read this thing anyways, I felt license to say something stoopid like The Vagina Monologues of the Tiger Wife: Why she is demanding a divorce
Thank god I’m anonymous on this thing. Otherwise I’d be in some serious trouble. That’s all I can say. And forgive my silliness and my dirty little mind. It’s all his fault.