Divorce & social security (great piece from the Los Angeles Times)

I read this interesting piece about divorce and social security benefits. I have done a few posts on Divorce Saloon on this issue as well, but this article does add to the information I’ve provided in that it gives you some tips on timing the re-marriage to secure your social security benefits. As a general rule, you have to be married at least ten years to claim a benefit form a former spouse’s social security. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-perfin-20110306,0,1315052.column¬†But if you remarry before you turn sixty, you could forfeit your claim to benefits. If you’ve had multiple spouses, you can choose only one spouse’s benefits and that can be the one that will give you the bigger paycheck, apparently. Click the link to get more on this from the Los Angeles Times. It matters for older divorcees/divorces more so than those under, say, 50.