Charlie Sheen's divorces and custody battle factor into CBS's decision to fire the troubled megastar

Charlie Sheen’s divorce cited as part of the reason he’s been fired from CBS
In the loo this morning, I was thumbing through the New York Times (I do most of my reading of the Times in the loo or on the stationary bikes these days) and I read an article about CBS’s decision to fire actor Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men. Sheesh…it’s CBS, right? Not 100% sure about that. It’s been nearly 14 hours since I read that. But in any event, he’s been fired and they cited his divorces from Denise Richards and also from Brooke Mueller, and the ongoing custody fight with Mueller as part of the reasons they terminated his contract. Which is interesting, when you get right down to it, since there was no moral turpitude clause in the contract. So where do they get off canning the guy (and I am in no way condoning his behavior; if he was a brother he’d a been fired a looooong time ago!) for non-work related incidences? He is a bad husband, yes. He’s a guy who has done some bad things, yes. But if he is showing up to work and giving them a hit show week after week, then I think they are going to cough up some money to pay him to go away. He did not breach his contract with CBS. He breached his contract with his wives and frankly, with himself. Charlie, yourself deserves better than this, bro. Grow up! You are funny as heck and many people say you are likable, and that is obvious. But you are destroying yourself. And you are destroying a gift you have been given by the gods. And for that, you will pay dearly, Charlie. If you don’t stop and get yourself some help.
That said, CBS’s decision to fire Charlie for his behavior out of work is ultra vires.¬† Charlie can definitely take them to court and win on this one, IMHO.