Post-divorce dating in the Year of the Rabbit

After Divorce dating: The Year of the Rabbit
I took a Chinese lesson yesterday (I’m planning a trip to China soon) and learned how to say, “Hello, how are you?” Nîn Hâo! Nîn Hâo Ma? And all of a sudden, I’m thinking about all things Chinese.  So, we are in the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, and just so you know, with respect to dating in the year of the rabbit…hang on, I have to Bing this…..(I’m trying to use Bing a little more and Google a little less these days) I don’t know anything about the Year of the Rabbit or even people born in a Rabbit year……….okay… here we go: So, Rabbit people are very demure and they don’t curse. So that rules me out decisively…’s what I’ve found out about Rabbit men and women:

The comely and refined Miss Rabbit will not be adverse to marrying a good old-fashioned millionaire instead of a handsome but penniless swain. The former will be able to provide her with the advantages and luxuries she demands as necessities. Her man must be powerful enough to protect and support her in style, and sensitive enough to politely disappear when she is in a sullen mood and wishes to remain undisturbed.
When given the choice, the Rabbit will vote for the easy and good life every time. He or she will wear loose comfortable clothing of superb cut and fabric. Cashmere sweaters, pure silk blouses and durable linens and tweeds. A mink or chinchilla carelessly thrown over the shoulder in a calculated air of nonchalance could also identify the elegant Rabbit native. Flashy, geometric or shocking designs offend the Rabbit’s sense of conformity and balance.
While gracious to friends and coworkers, the Rabbit person may be somewhat distant from his own family or simply bored by domestic routine and duties. He or she hates too close associations; he will shake off an encroachment on his privacy or clinging parasitic friends with no regret. He can be bureaucratic and hedgy over difficult issues. As he is one who hates binding commitments or over-involvement, he can also be an expert at passing the buck.
Mr. Rabbit is singularly debonair. He moves with grace, charm and gentlemanliness, in spite of the fact that while he was singing your praises, he was also drinking all your best wine. Yes, the Rabbit gravitates toward the cream of society and gentlemanly leisure. On second thought, the cream of high society could well be made up of poised and genial Hares.
At his best, the Rabbit is admired for his suaveness and intelligence and sought after for his sensible advice. At his worst, he is too imaginative, oversensitive or just acidly indifferent. He avoids coming into contact with human suffering or misery, as though it were some highly contagious disease.
The Rabbit is not at all easy to trap. He can also become very repressive in his predilection for secrecy or privacy. When the Rabbit person feels threatened, his subtle brooding or concealed antagonism could be expressed by the use of subversive tactics. Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro and South Africa’s Johannes Vorster are Rabbits. It is also worth noting that Thailand’s King Bhumibol, admired and well-loved by his subjects for his exemplary life and devotion to music, art and domestic harmony, was born in the year of the Rabbit. So were King Olav V of Norway, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, David Rockefeller and David Frost.
For all his positive qualities, a native of this sign will still value himself above all else. When pushed too far, he will discard anything or anyone who dares upset the calm of his existence. His beliefs are known to be flexible and he has the knack of playing both sides for insurance. Security could be an obsession to the weaker types of this specimen; you rarely find a Rabbit in areas of high risk.
This love of ease coupled with his distaste for conflict may give the Rabbit a reputation for being weak, opportunistic and self-indulgent. Unlike the Dragon, Dog, Tiger, or Rooster, who all enjoy a hearty fight now and then, and may even thrive on it, the Rabbit has no relish for combat. He was not born to be a warrior. He is more effective working behind the scenes. Do not be concerned about the Rabbit’s well-being. He is agile and sagacious and armed with the good sense to keep out of harm’s way. Unlike other signs, who may pursue lofty ideals, the Rabbit’s main objective in life is simply self-preservation.

Ok. So what does this all mean about YOUR post-divorce dating in a Rabbit year? Well, I don’t exactly know to tell you the truth….I’m thinking….prepare to be pampered. This is a year for relaxation, calmness, and sybaritic pleasures (so long as you don’t live in North Africa and the Middle East). But it may not be the year you seek another commitment, such as marriage because this seems like the year that people are looking out for their own self-interest and so they may not be all that “available” for more meaningful two-somes. And so you have to be careful about that. But if pleasure is what you are after, then you can find it in abundance this year. Just don’t be too ostentatious about it. God forbid your ex should feel that you are rubbing his/her nose in your post-divorce connubial bliss. That may not end all that well. So mask your bliss well. Just the way a typical rabbit would.