Kate Winslet's new extreme hairdo suggests she's struggling with post-divorce single status

I just saw this picture http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2011/03/09/kate-winslet-new-haircut/ of Kate Winslet’s new do. I think it’s telling us that she is struggling with being a single mom and the divorce hit her hard. Whenever someone does something this extreme with their hair after a divorce, it’s a kind of shock. Divorce Shock. Brad Pitt did it. Now Kate Winslet. Platinum. Extreme. Jarring.
She’ll be alright eventually. But what she did with her hair definitely says she’s struggling with this new divorce post matrimony and she’s trying to find her way; and it’s not easy. She’s searching. She’s scared. She has no idea what to do with herself. What do you think? Can you believe what she’s done to her hair???