The Sexy Sunday Morning Breakfast (in bed) can save your marriage!

Nin Hao!

I am so down in the dumps at the moment that only a post on Divorce Saloon could possibly cheer me up. Especially when it is one of the genres, whereby I am talking out of various parts of my anatomy with no idea what the dickens I’m talking about. ahahahahahaha. OMG. ­čÖé Thank god google did what they did to the site because now I can just be totally silly and not worry about who’s reading this stuff (no one!). So I entertain myself.
No, quite seriously, I think that sexy breakfasts on Sunday mornings?┬áI┬áthink they┬á┬ácan be kinda nice, and I think they can strengthen your marriage. Of course, it takes more than sexy breakfasts but I just think that it can’t hurt to make your spouse feel special sometimes by making them breakfast in bed.┬á Of course, if you have kids I’m not sure if that is even realistic. Do people with kids have breakfast in bed, I wonder? It’s probably totally impracticable with the little ones waking up and demanding attention….but not all people who are married have little kids. And certainly, for those who are children-less and who want to keep their marriage strong and viable, I see no reason why they can’t practice the sexy sunday morning breakfast routine. There are so many things you can serve up: Hash browns, eggs (scrambled, sunny-side, omelets) fruit (grapes, sliced apples, blue-berries, etc) sausages, buttered toast, french toast, pancakes, smoked bacon, fried plantains, tea, coffee, muffins…..there’s so much, you pretty much┬ácan make breakfast every Sunday for six months without ever having the same thing twice. And sometimes, you need to go out for breakfast too. Most people go out for dinner or lunch. But the breakfast date is a really intimate and lovely way to keep the romance alive. Having it in a scenic location is especially sensory and memorable, and has maximum marriage-saving juice. So, here’s what I think you should serve, like, this weekend:

Mushroom and cheese omelet (please make it with unsalted butter, not oil…yum!)
A side of fresh, sliced cucumber (peel it in such a way that some of the green skin is still on each slice)
some tomato, sliced; Sprinkle of Basil (over tomato and cucumber slices)
Champagne glasses (for mimosa)
Coffee (or tea, as desired) with creme and sugar on the side (serve on a silver coffee service)
Let’s see….um….fruit….. You need fruit. I’m thinking mangoes if they are in season. Or honeydew. Or pineapple. Sliced. Or maybe good old sliced oranges.
And mint chocolat nuggets (for the after breakfast treat)
Oh, and the New York Times (and/or Wall Street Journal)
Okay. Now eat, and talk, and read, and laugh, and play, and eat and talk and laugh….and play….

See? Isn’t marriage easy? ­čÖé If you do this regularly there is no way your marriage will end in divorce. Guaranteed.