Florida Law firm Leigh, James & Associates represents ONLY male clients – No women, please

I heard about this from John Bolch across the pond and he apparently got it from the Family Law Professor Blog that this Florida law firm, Leigh James & Associates, brands themselves as the law firm that represents men in divorce and family law cases. They DO NOT represent women. Their marketing materials say “Men only. Family law only.”
Wow, right? That’s interesting. What’s next? A firm that says Whites only? Or Hispanics only? Or heterosexuals only? Or Muslims only?
John opined that this could get the firm in trouble with the Bar Association. It’s a form of gender discrimination, isn’t it? But it is brilliant. It definitely gets attention, which is what I’m sure they are after. And men today will lap that up because there is this whole movement now where men have become not only proactive and active, but volatile, angry and frightening during the whole divorce process. Some wives don’t make it out of there alive. So I am  sure a lot of men will be interested in these services. And I’m not sure what the bar can do about it….actually, on second thought, I think the bar can and should do something about it. It seems inappropriate somehow.