Pot & Divorce: Could smoking marijuana save your marriage?

Can smoking pot save your marriage? Or does it just lead to divorce?

Personally, I don’t care for the smell of marijuana and so typically, I can’t get far enough from it or from people who smoke it. I tend to view pot-smokers as criminal-minded degenerates who should be ostracized at all costs, lest they should somehow corrupt me by osmosis. But I am a bit unusual on this score because millions of people around the world smoke pot, love the smell of it and can’t, frankly, get enough of it, even if they risk being hauled off to jail if they are caught. Some of these people have even begun to grow the darn thing in their backyard!

But pot may not be totally degenerate, the way I’ve been ignorant enough to believe. It has its good uses, apparently. It can reduce pain in cancer patients for one thing. And, well, there are all these medicinal purposes for it, ostensibly, although I’m not exactly sure what they are off the top of my head.
But could pot stave off divorce? I don’t know. I did a Bing search on “Pot” and “Divorce” and it seems that rather than stave off divorce, pot use seem to precipitate divorce. All the chatrooms I visited it was usually women complaining that their boyfriends and husbands were major pot heads and that it led to the breakdown of the relationship, or to the filing of divorce if they were married. Because like other drugs and alcohol, pot users can become dependent on that thing and then scoring the next hit becomes more important than marriage, family and the kids if you have them. Plus, the stress of knowingly breaking the law, not just in terms of the illicit use of illegal drugs but also the actual growing of the drug in the home can really push a lot of marriages over the edge.
So, no. I don’t think smoking marijuana can save anybody’s marriage. I think most often than not, the opposite is true: it leads to divorce. And for chrissakes, that thing stinks! Why would any normal person want to be around someone who smells like that or god forbid bring that stench into their home?