DIVORCE STYLE: Liz Taylor on how to divorce with style

Elizabeth Taylor’s got to hold the record for most divorces in Hollywood, not to mention most divorces among Dame Commanders of the Order of the British Empire. The woman is a divorce queen, though, obviously, a great lover of men– Black,  White, Pink or Striped, gay, straight and everything in between. At 79, homegirl has a boyfriend who pushes her around in her wheelchair! His name is Jason Winters and he’s quite a catch from what I hear. I mean, he’s not the Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece or anything, but they look like a match made in heaven. Still, Elizabeth vows there will be no 9th divorce since there will be no 9th marriage. Though, I have to say it looks like love to me, so stay tuned…
Recently, I read that a famous actor, what’s his face? Can’t remember… his wife fell off a boat and died? Natalie? Something…. Well, whatever his face, he said “being with” Liz was like getting your head stirred by an egg beater. Or something like that. He said she was equal parts sensitivity, beauty and sensuality. I guess he could easily have said, “she blew my mind,” but instead, he said, it was like getting your head beaten with an egg beater. For the life of me I can’t bring this guy’s name into my head! Oh God, another one of my senior moments!!!….But. Whatever. I guess with looks like this, I can excuse this guy for having egg on the brain. At least he’s got a brain unlike forgetful me over here:
Elizabeth Taylor has had a total of eight husbands and she divorced them all when she had her fill of them, you gotta luv her! Her husbands in order of dump date, according to to Wikipedia, are as follows:
Conrad Hilton Jr. (1950–1951). She divorced him because he was, allegedly, a “cruel drunk.” According to the Insider.com.

Movie icon Elizabeth Taylor has exposed her first husband, Conrad Hilton JR, as a “cruel” drunk in a new magazine interview.
The actress was a teenager when she exchanged vows with the hotel heir in 1950 and was so smitten with the handsome socialite she studied Catholicism to be his wife.But she admits she never took the union seriously enough and divorced Hilton, who is the uncle of Paris and Nicky Hilton’s father, nine months later – after discovering he had a drinking problem.

Michael Wilding (1952–1957) Elizabeth subsequently married a chap by the name of Michael Wilding, an American actor. They married in England and the marriage produced two of Liz’s five children. He was dumped after five years of holy matrimony by Dame Elizabeth. Says Lovetripper.com:

Not long after parting ways with first husband Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, a Cartier sapphire engagement ring marked the promise of a new life together with actor Michael Wilding, a star in such Hitchcock movies as Under Capricorn and Stage Fright. On February 21, 1952, the violet-eyed vision pledged her devotion during a short civil ceremony which was conducted at Caxton Hall in London, England, author C. David Heymann reported in Liz, a biography of the cinematic legend. Although the couple would enjoy a promising beginning, which included an eight-day honeymoon excursion to the Swiss Alps following their first night together as husband and wife at London’s Berkley Hotel, their marriage –which produced two children– came to an end in early 1957.

Next up for Liz was Mike Todd (1957–1958).
According to NPR:

Over a long career, former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite has been at the center of some of broadcasting’s most sublime and memorable moments. But 46 years ago, Cronkite was conscripted into a program that — even by today’s standards of decadence — has stood for more than four decades as one of television’s most memorably vulgar events: the 1957 Mike Todd party at Madison Square Garden.
On the first anniversary of the release of his film Around the World in 80 Days, producer Mike Todd and his wife Elizabeth Taylor invited 18,000 of their “close friends” to a Madison Square Garden extravaganza. Boasting a long list of celebrities, an enormous cake and music from Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler, Todd conned the CBS program Playhouse 90 into covering the spectacle live. But when the crowd got out of control, a bland publicity stunt turned into a giant food fight. Cronkite recalls the disastrous night.

After Mike Todd, there was a guy named Eddie Fisher whom she married in 1959–and divorced in 1964. Eddie apparently wrote a tell all a couple of years back that really annoyed Liz. Eddie had left his beautiful wife Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth. They were all friends before Liz promptly stole Eddie, then unceremoniously dumped him.  Says People Magazine:

Eddie Fisher’s new tell-all book “Been There, Done That” — with unvarnished tales of his ex-wives Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens — has hit bookstores, and La Liz is not amused. “I think Eddie Fisher must have been in another world when he wrote his book,” she said in a statement about the singer (her fourth husband, between Mike Todd and Richard Burton). “Have you ever noticed that he is the only ex-husband I don’t talk about?” Liz suggests that Fisher, 71, concocted stories about her. “I can’t seem to get his name out of my mouth, but I would never make up stories about him. I wouldn’t have to,” she said. “But I do hope he gets better.”

Say, could it have been Eddie who said that thing about the egg beater? Hme…Could be…Well, after Eddie, Elizabeth married Richard Burton and divorced him. Twice. She married him first in 1964, divorced him in 1974, remarried in in 1975 and divorced him in 1976. Elizabeth and Richard seemed to share a very glamorous life and a deep and passionate love. In the photo below, they area appearing in Paris for the Nights of Arabia gala in 1963.
But ultimately, even with all of the glamour and all of the love, Elizabeth dumped Richard. Something was just missing and she had no choice but to give him his walking papers.
After these two mistakes with the same man, she married and divorced a guy named John Warner, a distinguished United States senator who had been previously married to Catherine Mellon who was grand-daughter of billionaire Andrew Mellon. That lasted from 1976 to 1982.
And finally, there were the Larry Years.
She met him in rehab.
Larry Fortensky was her last hubby and dumpee. He lasted from 1991–1996) and now she’s with the business man Jason Winters whose pic appears at the beginning of the article. It was quite a journey. I’m sure she “wouldn’t take nothing for her journey now.” That must have been a lot of work. But the one thing is for sure, she did it with great style.
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Originally published February 22 2009