Smoking can lead to divorce according to Aussie study This article suggests that if you are in a relationship where one of you smokes and the other doesn’t, that it increases your risk of divorce or separation. That is interesting. I have a very mixed view on smoking. On the one hand, I don’t smoke and absent some cataclysmic break down in my sanity sometime in the future, I don’t think I ever will. But when I was in Paris I came this close to smoking because I have never seen people smoke with such flair in my life. It was so sexy the way they held their cigarettes that I really felt like I was missing out. But I managed to get back to New York without compromising myself….Have I ever kissed a smoker?…let’s see…well, yes. If cigars count, yes. But see, if my husband smoked an occasional cigar (or boyfriend) I don’t know. I don’t think I would divorce him. It depends. I mean, I am totally capricious and it is conceivable it wouldn’t bother me for a long time and then I would wake up one day and that would be it. I’d be bothered by it. So if another woman (or man for that matter) felt that way about a smoking partner, I can totally understand.
Best case scenario, no smoking. Under no circumstances do you smoke in my home. An occasional cigar? I mean, if the man is very sophisticated and he looks good doing it, I might make an exception depending on the circumstances. Cigarettes? No. I don’t think so. Very few men look sexy with a cigarette. Only French women can pull off that look.
Divorce because of smoking? Look, it’s like the piano. You meet a man, he plays the piano (or other instrument). You find him sexy. He can’t serenade you enough with the damn thing. Then, with time, you grow used to each other, you lose the mystique, you’re a real couple. All of a sudden, the piano is a noisy cymbal. It grates on your last fricking nerve. Each time he hits a key, you think you are going to lose your cotton picking mind. “STOP THE NOISE!!!” you scream in your mind. You plot ways to disable it when he is sleeping….I suppose that is what smoking can be like in a long term relationship or marriage. At first, sexy. With time, yuck. It’ s like kissing an ashtray! It’s like, you’d rather resuscitated a feral cat with your precious lips than go anywhere near this person’s oral cavity. It gets so bad, that finally, all you want is a DIVORCE.
What can I tell you? As I said, I’m capricious. And I don’t smoke.
Originally published July 15, 2009