Marriage & Food: Can you cook your way around a divorce?

Well, so, this week’s GOOP is all about food blogs. Gwyneth Paltrow (I just love that woman) sends this newsletter every Thursday to my mailbox and so this week it was about food blogs and so I briefly scanned the list of food blogs that she says are her faves. And I thought, hmmmm, wonder how many men (very SEXIST!) divorce (or beat) their wives because she can’t cook?
I can’t wait to find my prince because I am going to cook him so many amazing things, he will NEVER want to go. 🙂 No, seriously. I think I make a really good omelet, if nothing else. 
I think a woman can totally hold on to her husband just by cooking. Cooking can be very sensuous and very intimate and very loving, I think. It is so beautiful, and peaceful and generous. But, like anything else, if you are cooking your heart out and there is no appreciation, what’s the point? That could build resentment which could lead to divorce. Everybody wants to be appreciated. Even bad cooks. I remember seeing this movie about Elvis Presley and wife Priscilla once, and I remember how she cooked pasta that was disastrous and he made everybody eat it. THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! Stick up for your girl, you guys! It’s one thing to say the wife should cook, but the husband has to be her biggest fan and the biggest appreciator of what she cooks (even if it’s not that great), aand if necessary, he will have to defend her against others (my husband will have to defend me against my family because you say the word cook next to my name and each and every one of them starts cracking up; they just can’t have the conversation; it doesn’t matter all the successes I’ve had such as the lamb I made on Easter; all they think and talk about are the failures, which, admittedly, have been epic)  otherwise, it’s bad for the marriage and the relationship.
The thing today is that families are so busy and wives are working outside the home a lot more than ever, and who the heck has time to cook and write food blogs like this one I saw on GOOP. The author is married, by the way, so she’s doing something right.
I think if you have kids it’s harder to find time to cook, and sit and enjoy a meal with your husband on a somewhat regular basis. But I can totally see how food, and cooking could be a hedge against divorce. I can totally see it.
Course, if you’re burning stuff maybe not so good unless you are married to an Elvis type.
Pic is from the blog What Kate Ate (per GOOP) and the link is above in pink. Check it out! And check out Goop generally, at (love GP!)
Originally published October 7, 2010 as Divorce & Food