Abbie Dorn v. Dan Dorn: Judge rules brain damaged mom can get visitation with triplets above dad's objections

Brain dead mom gets visitation with her triplets

Speaking of men being unable to handle “illness” in a spouse. I just got wind of this story from the Associated Press about Dan Dorn and his brain-damaged wife, Abbie Dorn.


 Seems Abbie became brain damaged during childbirth of triplets (oh my god) and due to medical error she may be in a vegetative state the rest of her life. But her three children are healthy and her ex husband Dan has custody of them. Basically, Dan divorced Abbie about a year after the incident whereby medical malpractice left his wife vegetative (very sad, to say the least, that a loving husband would seek a divorce after something like this, but statistics show men just can’t do the sick wife for some strange reason, they just bolt when a woman is not the picture of perfect health; meanwhile, for women, it’s the opposite. Women are less likely to dump their husband or divorce him just because he gets ill).

So, anyways. Dan divorced Abbie, according to Associated Press reports, and obviously, he has custody of the kids but then he allegedly sought to keep his brain damaged ex wife from having anything to do with the triplets, i.e., to have visitation with them. He had a thing with the idea that the triplets could get unrealistic expectations that she would recover so he just as soon as would prefer, I guess, that they had nothing to do with her and never see her.  Or that if they did, it would be only if he’s in the room at all times, I guess? I’m sorry, but I find that incomprehensible, to say the least. He shouldn’t have to be ordered to take those children to see their mother. My god. That should be automatic. That should come from his heart. I can only fathom a situation like that, asking myself, “what if that were me???” And I just know I would want to see my children, no matter how vegetative I am. Bring my children to me, dammit. Are you phucking kidding me??? I gave birth to them. So I am vegetative, I am not dead. Their very presence my somehow trigger something in me, help me recover. Bring the children to that mother. Set them on her chest and let her bond with her children. My god! I cannot imagine a husband would be so cold that he couldn’t see that what he is doing is the worse possible thing for the children. He should be encouraging all visits with these kids and their mom. Even if he doesn’t want her anymore. Even if he wants a divorce. Let her see her kids. My god. My god. I get so scared sometimes when I read stories like this. I get scared. I get really, really scared. Humanity scares me.
So, the AP on the issue:

Attorneys for both sides praised the tentative 10-page order issued by Superior Court Judge Frederick C. Shaller, who ruled after a two-week hearing that 34-year-old Abbie Dorn would be granted visits of three hours a day for five days each summer at the home in Myrtle Beach, S.C. where her parents care for her.Lisa Helfland Meyer, attorney for Dorn’s parents, said the decision set a precedent for “every single parent out there with any sort of disability.””I think this is an astounding victory,” Meyer said at a news conference. “The court held that this parent has the same right as any other parent to have visitation and a relationship with their child.”Shaller also ordered that the children could have a 30-minute monthly videoconference with their mother, a move Meyer said would establish a “wonderful continuity” between mother and children.But Shaller’s decision granted far less than the triplets’ grandparents had asked for, and father Dan Dorn’s attorney Vicki Greene said her side got exactly what they wanted – just five days of visits, all supervised by the father, Dan Dorn, who is raising the children at his Los Angeles home. The grandparents, in a lawsuit that is awaiting a trial date, are seeking four weeks of visitation without the father’s presence.

So great. Abbie’s parents fought for her right to see her children and they had a small victory this week when a Los Angeles judge ruled that Abbie could at least get supervised visitation with the triplets. The visits would be supervised by Dan. Now, lets wait and see if the grandparents get visitation. I think they absolutely should. My god.