Billionaire Steven Cohen dodges the bullet: ex wife Patricia's post-divorce suit gets tossed by NY court

Billionaire Steven Cohen dodges a bullet by ex wife
Patricia Cohen must be feeling a little bit down in the dumps tonight. Just read that a Manhattan federal judge threw out her RICO post-divorce lawsuit against her ex husband Steven Cohen of SAC fame. The couple divorced 20 years ago and from all accounts, Pat got a generous settlement. But it was not enough. She wanted more dirty, sexy money. She accused her billionaire ex, among other things, of insider trading in a very peculiar federal lawsuit under the anti-racketeering statute usually reserved for mafia gansters and big time wall street fraudsters (and maybe transnational drug traffickers) sued him for back-alimony. Which is just crazy, when you get right down to it, because even if the judge hadn’t dismissed her case, sua sponte, and she had won the suit, it is unclear she coudl have collected a dime under the circumstances because RICO would basically step in to take away all the illegal assets from her husband, and by association, from her. Unless that was her aim? Whatever it was, case dismissed.¬† Judge said that the statute of limitations had run. She slept on her rights too long. What’s that called again? Laches? Her case is time-barred by laches. Among other things.