Is your bed causing your marriage to atrophy? Maybe you need a different type of bed to avoid divorce

Is your bed situation ruining your marriage?

On the one hand, I believe in couples sharing a bed and keeping each other warm and all that good stuff. But on the other hand, I totally believe in a comfortable, drama-free night’s sleep. Sleeping is my favorite thing to do (I can’t get enough of it) and I don’t like it interrupted absent clearly demonstrated emergencies. I don’t think I’m the only person who feels this way. I was listening to a program yesterday on the radio and there was this commercial about certain types of mattresses couples can buy if they are having a tough time sharing a bed. I forgot the name of it, actually. But the thing is, some people like a soft bed; other people like a firm  bed (same with pillows). Some people sleep and keep their side of the bed, other people, well, they just explode all over the mattress and take up three times their fair share of the bed. Then, you have the snorers. And some of them swear up and down they don’t snore. (The other day this guy asked me if I snore and I realized, omg, I have no idea!!!) Oh, and then the pets. Some people like to have the pets in bed sharing the bed with the spouse and if that is not okay for the two people in the bed, that is obviously a huge, big, problem.

So there are a lot of variables that could make sharing a bed a major issue in a marriage. It literally can drive some people to the precipice of  divorce. What’s the solution? Well, there is no one size fits all solution for every couple. Some of these folks will simply have to buy a bigger bed; others will have to buy two small beds; still others will have to buy a hybrid bed that allows one person to have a firm mattress and the other to have a soft mattress; still others will have to have separate rooms altogether; others will have to get surgery or something to cure the snoring; and then, I guess, there are some who just need to get divorced.
I mean, you have to just know your own marriage and take the necessary and proper steps to cure the problem. What can I tell you?