Polygamous marriages on the rise in New York, Paris and London

Polygynous marriages on the rise in New York, London and Paris

This story is as crazy as Texas is hot, but I just read in the Wall Street Journal that New York, Paris and London have seen significant spikes in their polygamous marriages (where one man is married to several women). It’s really what I was talking about the other day about “man sharing.” I did this post where I posed the question, “Is man-sharing the new norm?” And it was really tongue in cheek. But I was serious. Is it the new norm? Is it going to be?

Except for countries in the East such as China and India, women typically outnumber men in most societies. (A recent census in India shows that for every 1000 men, there are only about 900 or so women.) In countries like the U.S., there are more women than men, so there aren’t enough to go around. Then you do the calculus and you realize that the situation is compounded by the increasing number of Western men who identify themselves as homosexual. So, it’s not just about there being less men then women. Among that number of “less” is even less –because more men than ever before openly identify themselves as homosexual. So where as you may think you have, say 1000 women to every 900 men, it’s really more like 1000 straight women to every 700500 straight men. You see the crisis this can pose, don’t you?

Of course women are going to have to share men. It’s not rocket science, folks. As time goes on, it will become an even more marked and pressing problem. And the social problems that come from this necessary man sharing such as higher rates of HIV infection (and other sexually transmitted diseases), increased domestic violence, infanticide, sex traficking and all that gory stuff, will increase exponentially over the coming decades.
It’s pretty grim.
At the same time, constitutionally, I am not sure that understand why consenting adults don’t have the right to be in a polygamous marriage if they choose. It’s like gay marriage. If gay people have the right to be married, and I think they should have that right from a purely constitutional perspective, then why can’t polygamists get legally married? What is up with this random 2 people at a time marriage rule that we see around the world? Other species are polygamous: dogs, cats, lions, horses. So it’s not like there is no evidence of it in nature. Why can only two people get married? I don’t understand where that rule comes from. I mean, I am not saying this type of arrangement is something I personally could stomach. It isn’t. But it’s the same with gay marriage. It doesn’t have to be for me, but is it my business if someone else wants to do it for themselves? Does the constitution really support a ban on polygamy? Is that equal protection? I don’t know….
Also, in at least some of these cases, I bet polygamy keeps the divorce rate low. Because the man does not have to cheat. At least hopefully he has his hands full enough with up to four wives, as is allowed under Sharia (not sure about the Mormons).  If the man doesn’t have to cheat, then more than likely, there will be less reason for divorce in these marriages. He gets to have all the sex he can handle, and the women have this built in security blanket that comes from the community of other women who are sharing their man (I swear to god I don’t get how anybody could be okay with this kind of arrangement. But I don’t have to get it, as I said. It’s none of my beeswax). If a woman is okay with this, she will put up and shut up and the man, as I said, is less likely to cheat. So it all works out for them. It is good for the divorce rate. Makes you want to puke on some levels. But if it works for people, it works for people and they should have the right to live the way they want. I guess my big question is, why is it always the man who gets all these wives? Why aren’t there cases of a wife having all these husbands? This is gross as well, personally speaking. But if it were someone’s choice, why couldn’t and don’t more women want to do this? Is it the numbers shortage? Is it the math? Or would society frown on that more?  I mean, for the man it is business as usual. But flip it around and the woman is nothing but a filthy you know what. The billboards that would go up around town is unbelievable.
Always the double standard.
well, I’m having a tall glass of coconut iced tea…………………………..it’s a very hot day here in Texas, btw. I never knew this place could get this hot. Muy caliente! I went out for a few minutes and came back a charred purple color. I looked at myself and said, “my god.”